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  1. KP's G5 Hackintosh Build *UPDATED* 3/4

    how do you get the plate that holds dvd drive and HDDs removed with out taking the side of the case off.
  2. Good Lord these mountain mod trays cost an arm and a leg after shipping.
  3. whats weird is it worked for me once but, now the VM either crashes vmplayer or or sits there with a spinning loading thingy under the apple logo in workstation 10. did i burn up a fake serial number?
  4. [GUIDE] How to fix Appstore, iBooks, iCloud

    idk what you did to the uploaded files but, the extract as a folder called "contents" ass if someone opened up the actual .app file. they ca not be renamed to .app
  5. I bleive editng the VMX file. similar to this, http://www.webbosworld.co.uk/blog/?p=471it's different in ESXi since itseems to emulat an UEFI or EFI so the smae vlaues don't work for a Mavericks VM.
  6. Correct. I need to know how to set the memmopry hole. i sucessfully passed througha GPU but, the side effect is if i give it more than 2gb it ca not boot or launch in anyway. i don't know the offset to paset in to the text/cfg/vmx file to allow more than 2gb of ram.
  7. does any one know how to set a memmory hole for ram for HW passthrough?
  8. none of the plists work they all panic on this X502CA
  9. [Guide] AIO Guides For Hackintosh

    does the SSDT generate option use the settings you selected or does it make automatically based on the hardware the installer is running on. EDIT: yeah it just installed all of it to he hard drive of my virtual machine! these instruction either don't match the current Vietnam tool or are not clear. because you can't create the a bootable USB without another machine first. these are defiantly nota step instructions.
  10. Overclocking my iBook G4

    What is the bus speed on the 1.42ghz model? i wonder how far a 1.33ghz model can be OCed. a voltage bump would help out quite bit as long as heat is monitor and kept in check.
  11. How does 1 build a kext with zero programming and compiling abilities? Does any one know where to get the adapter to hook up the front panel connector to a normal cases/s front panel connector. Edit: what's weird is, is that branch was merged in 2014 but, the pre compiled drive is still from 2014. i wonder if we could compile it and upload said kext for others to use.
  12. boy-oh-boy am i considering going to dark side with distros, this is my irst vanilla install. man it's nothing but headaches because it lacks so many features of distro, first and for most working on ONO mac GPT. turns vanilla mavericks will only install to an HDD with GPT table created by disk utility and idisk utility only that means no part tables created by G=parted will be accepted! This also means NO BOOT LOADER IFDUAL BOOTING!!! Due to the way chimera and clover work and the way disk utility creates part tables you will get an a grub boot (if dual booting with linux) or you will get an install error from clover. Then lastly due to being an AD1998B you may or may not have sound where the hack distro kexts usually work. in my case i do not, could just be mavericks thing. Now maybe just MAYBE i could be wrong and some folks could come in here and tell me how wrong i am how these issue can be corrected SHORT of coding my own kexts. (i can't program to save my life, maybe change a few device ids, which usually fails miserably) I see a LOT of sects and separation in community when it comes to CERTAIN methods of installing vanilla and distros vs said community's method. May said (this) community has a BETTER way of doing things?
  13. jmicronata

    guess i will test it with mavericks