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Chameleon Booting Issues

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Hello to start off I have two HDDs. A 2TB Seagate with Mavericks installed and a 640GB WDC with Windows 7 installed. The 2TB is the first boot device but chameleon doesn't load it goes straight to the Windows bootloader on the WDC. I used to have them the other way with Windows on the Seagate but as I use OS X more I switched them around. Previously it was working booting from the WDC with OS X and Chameleon but with the Seagate it doesn't. I have tried using boot0md and boot0 all with the same results.


Is there a reason to this? Does Chameleon not like large drives?


Using boot0hfs I get this,


boot0: GPT

boot0: Test

boot0: Test

boot0: GPT

boot0: Test

boot0: Test

boot0: error



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