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Board Intel DX58SO - Cannot boot Mavericks from Hard Drive

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I installed OSX 10.9 on  the following PC:

DX58SO board

i7 920




The installer (USB ) works with clover , and I can boot to the HD from the USB DOK.

When I try to boot from the HD (I used chimera 2.2.1 ) , the PC starts the boot sequence , but right at the end (where the clover bootloader goe into the OS) the screen turns black, and monitor light turns to amber.

I tried to use clover on the HD , but it also fails to boot to the OS.

This is the last screen before it goes black:



I have installed Mountain Lion 10.8 on the same PC without a problem.


Any ideas?

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Installed Mavericks via USB Which i prepared through Retail installer...installed Chameleon to USb copied necessary Kexts to extension copied Extra folder to it rebuild catches...install was successful...but could not reach the Desk top ...re booted in -v but got this msg. ....Please Help...Thanks 




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I am able to boot into Mavericks on the same DX58SO board with the main difference being that my graphics card is the AMD Radeon 4850 HD but I had to use the boot command GraphicsEnabler=No when booting from the USB installer before installing the exotic kext for that card onto the Mavericks hard drive. But the problem I am puzzling over right now is that there is no Ethernet device at all in System Preferences even after trying the E1000 kext which works fine on this system with Mountain Lion. Not having web access in the Hackintosh makes it more problematic to troubleshoot. I haven't let a machine defeat me yet though and I don't give up easily.  :) P.S. I am using a custom DSDT that I created while booted into Windows XP on this system. I also have Win7 and Win8 running on this multi-boot PC that I built from scratch a couple of years ago. :D Mavericks running on my Hackintosh > Oh yes... It will be mine!  B)

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