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Some questions re new Hackintosh install


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Glory Be!


I finally managed to install Mac 10.5.5 on my older Compaq Presario with an intel celeron cpu.

Knowing very little about these devil machines I never thought I'd actually be able to do it.


Unfortunately I still have a couple of questions to ask.


1. Will I be able to add new software to this install


2. If so, mores the pity because my network doesn't seem to be working properly - When I try to download anyting the download has

an initial speed of between 15 -20 Kb/s then starts to drop precipitously until within a minute or two the download just stops.


BTW when I checked in Network under system prefs it shows the following:


configure using DHCP


IP address =


Subnet mask =


Router = (My Belkin router attached to a cable modem)



3. I also have no sound, though I know the sound works as it worked well in a previous install on the same machine


is there a solution for this problem

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Thank you for your gracious help Gringo:


I managed to solve the two problems above quite simply. You did mention that I may add new software compatible with 10.5.5.  Does that not include the OS. ( must I get another x86 installer or can it be done via the Mac Store.  And what about adding additional drivers from the developers sites . can that be done.  These and more questions are making me mad.


Sta bon

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It's okay to buy and download OS X from the App Store but you can't install OS X on a PC like you do on a Mac. If you could, this site would not exist.


Note that you must be running 10.6.8 or higher to use the App Store.


Depending on what install method you used, which patches are in effect and how they are implemented, running an OS update (like, say 10.5.5. to 10.5.8) may render your Hackintosh unbootable. This is especially true for older distros running on old hardware.


I must confess that I'm not sure I understand what you're asking.


What do you mean adding additional drivers, what do you want to add them to?

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