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  1. Some questions re new Hackintosh install

    Thank you for your gracious help Gringo: I managed to solve the two problems above quite simply. You did mention that I may add new software compatible with 10.5.5. Does that not include the OS. ( must I get another x86 installer or can it be done via the Mac Store. And what about adding additional drivers from the developers sites . can that be done. These and more questions are making me mad. Sta bon
  2. Glory Be! I finally managed to install Mac 10.5.5 on my older Compaq Presario with an intel celeron cpu. Knowing very little about these devil machines I never thought I'd actually be able to do it. Unfortunately I still have a couple of questions to ask. 1. Will I be able to add new software to this install 2. If so, mores the pity because my network doesn't seem to be working properly - When I try to download anyting the download has an initial speed of between 15 -20 Kb/s then starts to drop precipitously until within a minute or two the download just stops. BTW when I checked in Network under system prefs it shows the following: configure using DHCP IP address = Subnet mask = Router = (My Belkin router attached to a cable modem) 3. I also have no sound, though I know the sound works as it worked well in a previous install on the same machine is there a solution for this problem
  3. I really need some help

    Gringo: Thanks for your help. Just to show you the depth of my ignorance - re the Mobo I was unable to recognize any chipset but: Mobo = model NF-MCP61 northbridge and southbridge = Nvidia MCP61 Rev A2 as per Systems Information for Windows
  4. I really need some help

    Please someone: I really need some detailed help and hand holding I'm afraid I am desparate to try to hackintosh one of my older computers. I have tried fo many months in many different ways to do this with no luck at all I am begining to feel that just don't have enough knowledge to do this although everyone I've read seems to say it's very straight forward BTW when I try to install hackintosh on this computer the software does not even see my SATA hard drive??? Anyway I would like to put myself in someones hands and finally get this done The machine I would like to use is an older 64 bit machine CPU = AMD Semperon 3000+ Manila Instructions: MMX+, 3DNOW!, SSE, SSE2, SSE3 BIOS = Pheonix Tech Ltd Video = Nvidia GeForce 6100 nforce 400 Sound = Realtek High Definition Audio Network = Nvidia nforce Network controller Agin I beg your help I need a detailed method of installation from getting the software to installation Thanking whomever in advance
  5. Just recently bought an Acer Aspire Notebook running intel i3 chip I set the boot sequence to boot from my DVD drive I know this works becouse it loaded a Linux disc I have tried to load: iAtkos-5i Kalyway 10.5 and a Deneb install disc - all self created These discs act as if they are not seen at all by the computer and it continues on to boot into Windows 8 If anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish this install I would appreciate any help given Thanking you in advance By the way I am a strict novice in the ways of this computer and in the use of x86 Mac BIOS - Insyde Corp UEFI MoBo Acer A50 ?
  6. I am using a five or six year old PC Loaded iAtkos i5 successfully in fact I was even able to update the OS and add a couple of applications. But when I tried to reboot the computer after update it refused to, saying that it was unable to as it would damage my CPU. Can anyone help me to get past this point without damaging my computer. Thanks Norm Compaq Presario BIOS = Phoenix Tech v 3.05 - firmware 111.101 CPU = intel celeron Motherboard = Micro Star Intl - Gamilla/Giovani/Neon ser 030 SSE2 enabled Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 video card Audio dev. = Realtek AC'97