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Dell Inspiron 530 - 10.9 only boot with GraphicsEnab=No but 10.8 is fine?


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Can anybody offer help as to how to boot 10.9 without using GraphicsEnabler=No flag?


  • Installing 10.9 onto clean SATA drive on Dell Inspiron 530 with G33M02 motherboard and ATI 3600 PCI-e graphics card
  • 10.8.2 already installed (NO DSDT) on separate SATA drive and boots with no flags. I had trouble originally getting 10.8 installer to see hard disks (common Dell issue) but managed it with older kexts/AHCIPortInjectors hence no DSDT required.
  • Same approach did not work with 10.9 and eventually had to use a DSDT somebody had used on Vostra 400 and Dell 530. This worked and the SATA disks could be seen and 10.9 installed. 10.9 requires this DSDT to boot, otherwise cannot see hard disks. 
  • However unless I use GraphicsEnabler=No boot will hang and give an error regarding "Sound Assertion in AppleHDAWidget line ..." . With GraphicsEnabler=No 10.9 will boot.
  • Tried most boot arguments  [-x,-f, PCIRootUID=0 or 1, npci=0x3000 or 0x2000, KernelCache=No ] all with no effect and I have to use GE=No.
  • I have removed all the IntelHD kexts as they have  described as being a problem.
  • Both 10.8 and 10.9 see the graphics card and both seem not to have a kext assigned (10.8 definite, 10.9 not sure).
  • have Realtek Intel 888 audio support installed but the GE=No requirement occurred before the audio kext installation.



  1. Could it be the DSDT in 10.9 causing the problem (no experience of DSDT) but cannot remove it as needed for the hard disk.
  2. Is it really a graphics issue and  sound issue is coincidence coming after it.
  3. I do not seem to have an AppleHDADisabler some refer to - should I have one and would this help as error is ApppleHDAWidget
  4. Is it just the old ATI3600 not Mavericks compatible even though works with 10.8?
  5. Any ways I can get 10.9 to boot without GraphicsEnabler=No?


Thanks in advance

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The dsdt file is attached as zip. Not sure where I got it from a while ago but was designed for Vostra400 / Dell Inspiron 530.  As such is not specific for my Dell 530. Did not require it for 10.8 (changed other kexts) but did for 10.9 as the kext did not work. If you find solution for my graphics enabler will be interested. Not usre if the need to sue GE=No relates to the dsdt so you may have to use it.


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That DSDT didn't work for me. Still cant see HD when plugged into Sata

I've got it in /Extra, right?


Anyways, as far as the graphics go, I had to edit my org.chameleon.Boot.plist with the following:



<key>Graphics Mode</key>

The graphics mode was a cosmetic addition, and not really needed. And depending on your monitor, may be different.

did you have to set it the disks to RAID? or did you leave them in IDE mode?

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Just checked and set 530 to IDE - thought had used RAID setting but took long time a year ago to get working and tried various variations. 



Thanks. Card is 3600. Odd issue is that with 10.8 does boot with GraphicsEnabler enabled - in 10.9 exact same settings does not work.

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I managed to get the dsdt to allow me to boot from a sata drive. However, even with GraphicsEnabler=Yes or No, PciRoot=1 or 0

It sends my monitor into sleep mode.

This leads me to believe that there is something more in that DSDT file that needs to be patched to match our current setup.

Do you recall where the original post for that was?

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