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  1. RunningEmpty. Just checked and set 530 to IDE - thought had used RAID setting but took long time a year ago to get working and tried various variations. iFire Thanks. Card is 3600. Odd issue is that with 10.8 does boot with GraphicsEnabler enabled - in 10.9 exact same settings does not work.
  2. runningEmpty The dsdt file is attached as zip. Not sure where I got it from a while ago but was designed for Vostra400 / Dell Inspiron 530. As such is not specific for my Dell 530. Did not require it for 10.8 (changed other kexts) but did for 10.9 as the kext did not work. If you find solution for my graphics enabler will be interested. Not usre if the need to sue GE=No relates to the dsdt so you may have to use it. ds530dt.zip
  3. Can anybody offer help as to how to boot 10.9 without using GraphicsEnabler=No flag? Installing 10.9 onto clean SATA drive on Dell Inspiron 530 with G33M02 motherboard and ATI 3600 PCI-e graphics card 10.8.2 already installed (NO DSDT) on separate SATA drive and boots with no flags. I had trouble originally getting 10.8 installer to see hard disks (common Dell issue) but managed it with older kexts/AHCIPortInjectors hence no DSDT required. Same approach did not work with 10.9 and eventually had to use a DSDT somebody had used on Vostra 400 and Dell 530. This worked and the SATA disks could be seen and 10.9 installed. 10.9 requires this DSDT to boot, otherwise cannot see hard disks. However unless I use GraphicsEnabler=No boot will hang and give an error regarding "Sound Assertion in AppleHDAWidget line ..." . With GraphicsEnabler=No 10.9 will boot. Tried most boot arguments [-x,-f, PCIRootUID=0 or 1, npci=0x3000 or 0x2000, KernelCache=No ] all with no effect and I have to use GE=No. I have removed all the IntelHD kexts as they have described as being a problem. Both 10.8 and 10.9 see the graphics card and both seem not to have a kext assigned (10.8 definite, 10.9 not sure). have Realtek Intel 888 audio support installed but the GE=No requirement occurred before the audio kext installation. Queries: Could it be the DSDT in 10.9 causing the problem (no experience of DSDT) but cannot remove it as needed for the hard disk. Is it really a graphics issue and sound issue is coincidence coming after it. I do not seem to have an AppleHDADisabler some refer to - should I have one and would this help as error is ApppleHDAWidget Is it just the old ATI3600 not Mavericks compatible even though works with 10.8? Any ways I can get 10.9 to boot without GraphicsEnabler=No? Thanks in advance
  4. How to get rid of any Sound Assertions on AppleHDA

    Getting Sound Assertion in AppleHDAWidget at line 2181 on Dell Inspiron 530 at boot with realetk AC888 driver from ##### 6. Pretty new to hackintoshes and the patching above is nothing I have doena dn not sure what it involves. What confuses me is that if I boot with GraphicsEnabler=No it will boot. Is this really related to audio or is graphics? Thanks
  5. many thanks - will try these kexts but starting to think the 530 issue is slightly different; so annoying as obviously solved it 8 months ago but unable to do so now.
  6. Trying to get Dell 530 (10.8.2 works on internal SATA already) to see internal disk. myHack 10.9 vanilla will boot but the internal SATA drive is not displayed only USB drives. I copied the three kexts you quote from working 10.8.2 S/L/E to the myHack S/L/E with Kext Wizard. Now will not boot and seems to hang at DSMOS has arrived. Did you alter anything in the Extra/Extensions folder as well or just those three texts in S/L/E and nothing else? Could you post the three 10.8.5 kexts mentioned as only have 10.8.2 Thanks
  7. Thanks . I had seen that thread and tried it , although with the 10.8.2 kexts as no access to 10.8.4. I will make new MyHack and (1) change the kexts as suggested and if that does not work (2) replace the E/E in its entirety from working 10.8.2 but not sure 10.9 will like that.
  8. Dell Inspiron 530 is working with 10.8.2. This was built about 1 year ago and at time had lots of issues in getting the myHack install to see the hard disk (frequent reported issue with Dells). Tried so many aspects but eventually got it working with extra kexts in E/E (can't remember if I also replaced some in S/L/E ??). I have created a myHack 10.9 but cannot see the internal hard disks on boot. From notes at time I have copied the E/E of working 10.8.2 internal hard disk to myHack USB but it still cannot see internal hard disks. Any suggestions as to what I can do to / copy replace from the working 10.8.2 to myHack USB to get it to see disks? It seems something to do with the AHCI, IOATA, IOAHCI and have tried an extended AHCI Injector but not sure what I should be adding and would I should be removing. Frustrating as working on 10.8.2 Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. Have 10.8.2 running on Dell 530 (internal disk) and as difficulty getting it working with seeing the internal drive wanted to get 10.9 working on external USB and when OK then clone to the internal drive. Booted from myHack 10.9 USB Flash drive (worked after updating Chameleon on myHack drive - default just caused rebooting) and both the myHack USB and destination external USB drive were visible in BIOS. Install of 10.9 from myHack to External USB went OK. On rebooting (to complete installation) into Dell 530 Boot Menu (f12) the External USB is NOT visible. However the external USb drive is visible and readable from within Finder in OSX 10.8.2. The External USB is not seen as an option to boot when Chameleon is booted from internal disk (OSX 10.8.2). I have tried installing all 3 options (Boothfs, Boot0md and Boot0) for Chameleon (from Chameleon Wizard) but the disk is still not visible on boot menu. The disk (GUID formatted) was visible in BIOS prior to the install of 10.9 from myHack and is something to do with the formatting of disk is my guess. Does anybody have any suggestions how to make the External USB visible? Is it something to do with a MBR? Thanks
  10. No. Bought cheap Nvidia card and run both monitors off that. Not had courage to try 10.9 on either of my Dell's yet.
  11. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    Thanks. Not immediately obvious for. New user . I will look at other DSDT Editors.
  12. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    This is helpful.- coud you just expand on what file extension a patch should have. I have extracted the DSDT.aml/dsl for my MB using Chaemeleon Wizard and have found a patch and downloaded it from Olarilo but has come as a .txt file. Tried to change the extension to dsl but the browse command on the Apply patch does not recognise the file. It does recognise the original extracted .dsl file. Thanks
  13. [solved since writing] For help to others. Installed AHCI_Extended_Injector.kext in S/L/E, repaired permissions and all works (with -f at present) with Dell 435 BIOS set to RAID. Did not remove any other kexts as there seemed to be no other AHCIInjccetors that ahd been installed. Now just have to work out how to change windows. --------------------------------- I have Dell 435MT (BIOS options are only ATA and RAID , which many says ==AHCI). I have a working dual boot system with Win7x64 and OSX 10.8.2 (performed with myHack awith 10.8 and then upgraded to 10.8.2) - there is no DSDT used.Having ordered a SSD I realise now I need to change to AHCI and need to get it working in OSX first before I change Windows (where I can change I believe with registry change). If I change the BIOS to RAID(Dell===AHCI) and boot with -f then the system hangs at [starting PCI Configuration] but there is no Kernal Panics. I had thought that as OSX was AHCI based the kext would be present and it would adapt with -f but I obviously need to make soem adjustment. preseumably myHack did not install these at the time. Do I need to do a reinstall something I would like to avoid? I have found two kexts (AHCI_3rdParty_eSATA and AHCI_3rdParty_SATA) do I need to add these to S/L/E to get it to work. I also found AHCI_Extended_Injector.kext which has been used successfully with a Dell 435 and the instructions say "Also included IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector in it, for all drives to show internal and DVD keyboard eject/DVD.app fix. RAID ID's are also included for all the AHCI/RAID switchable controllers I could find. Remove other AHCI or BlockStorage injectors and install to S/L/E" Is this kext what I should use and what are the other AHCI or BlockStorage Injectors I should remove? Thanks for any help anybody can give.
  14. Dell Bios, AHCI/RAID, SSD

    Sharky Thanks. Turning off the Wake on LAN (did both in BIOS and OSX but not sure if both needed are needed) solved shutdown problem without EvOrboot - not sure if that fix is now built into Chameleon anyway. LatinG I note your comment , it is always unwise to assume that just because somebody makes a comment you disagree with that they are ill informed. Even as new to hackintosh community in last 4 weeks I had read the link before my comment; the view may be reasonable and cannot comment as not heard both sides of argument but action to make life more difficult for third parties does seem to a neutral fit the adjective. Your suggestion of rolling back the power management kext was something Inhad already tried and did not work. Sharkey s comment about WoL was the answer and not something I had seen suggested anywhere else.
  15. Dell Bios, AHCI/RAID, SSD

    Thanks will try looking for evoreboot, this forum seems to have removed your link in the post to solution as refers to the tonyxxxsite , which seems petty to me. You could attach to past as file. If you can repost with perhaps a shortened bit.ly or google shortened link that would be helpful otherwise sure can find it on Google. Your tip about the wake on LAN setting in BIOS is helpful and not something I had seen and may be reason why solutions have not worked before. I also changed to NVidia 210 card so not dissimilar. Was going to try upgrade from 10.8.2 to 3 but had so much trouble with the .0 to .2 and hearing of your issues may just give it a miss.