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AppleHDA patched successfully but int. mic has very low sensitivity!

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Hello everybody. I have a problem while patching AppleHDA for my audio vt1802. I use a laptop which has below spec.


Intel® Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz
Intel Cougar Point HM65, Intel Sandy Bridge
VIA VT1802
Intel HD Graphics 3000


I followed great tutorials and now I have int. speaker, ext. headphone, ext. mic, and int. mic operating. Everything works just fine except that the internal microphone has super low sensitivity. At first, I thought it was not working bacause even thought it was listed on the SystemPreferences>Sound>Input section, the input level bar didn't show any response. But soon, I realised it does work because it showed reaction when I smashed on my laptop  :P.


So I concluded that the sensitivity matters. Now I'm looking for a solution to boost the int mic's input gain. What I've been trying are


1. add <key>Boost</key><integer>3</integer> in the node of mic's in Platforms.xml

    ==> no effect 

    (one funny thing is that the ext. mic does have effect on this)


2. adjusting layout.xml

    1) adding MuteGPIO in the Mic section

        ==> the entire sound lost

    2) adding SignalProcessing properties

        ==> no effect (maybe some other changes exist but I didn't notice)


02471c10 02471d01 02471e17 02471f90 --> int. speaker
02571c30 02571d40 02571e21 02571f02 --> ext. headphone
02971c20 02971d01 02971ea0 02971f90 --> int. mic
02b71c40 02b71d90 02b71e81 02b71f01 --> ext. mic (changed to line-in as you can see)
02470c03 02570c02 --> EAPD stuff


I'm frustrated and almost given up. This post is the last hope :(. Please shed a light on me guys. I've attached ioreg, codecdump, layout.xml, and platforms.xml. Sorry for my poor English!


Best regards.


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Unfortunately, it doesn't work because of the MuteGPIO thing.

When I remove that MuteGPIO, it works like a charm but int. mic is still the same.

I assume that VT1802 is somehow not fully compatible with AppleHDA. 

I appreciate for your help Mirone. 


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Hello lazzy.


Unfortunately, I don't own this laptop any more. But you can refer a couple of sites for that audio chipset. Please have a look at below links.


1. https://github.com/maxfierke/Lemu4-Hackintosh-Config/tree/master/vt1802p_devel

2. http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3934-applehda-via-vt1802p-1092/


I hope you get what you need. Thanks.

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