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Post And Pre Installation!


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Hi, I have a lot of problems and could not find a right place to publish a topic, than I posted here ///


2 years ago with modified bios, I install a mac on asrock h61m-u3s3...

2 days ago, I had a 10.7.4 mac. I pulled off the drive and installed new hdd to for installing mavericks. 

at the begin of installing my pc reboots every time with any flag. I searched and somebody said that with updating bios, your problem will be solved. 

I did it! and start installing , at the begin of installing it hanged at these lines. these are last 3 lines






I tried to boot my old mac. But I got kp at : nullcpupowermanagement.kext start:;;

I installed XP and macdrive. I moved above kext somewhere else and try to boot again, it hanged a line before the above line. 


I dont know what to do. any suggestion for me?

I just want one of them ...install new one or having my old one.


tnx a lot for your time and sorry for any mistake in my writing 


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You must follow the updated topic to make a Mavericks installer.

tnx a lot 

I installed 10.9 based on this topic

every thing is good except dsdt and nullcpupowemanagement.

when I use DSDT editor, I get 3 error. after clicking on fix errors, one of them leaves.

HID suffix must be all hex digits


I removed the nullc...and did not work.

cpu: G620

Main:asrock h61m-u3s3

thanks again

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