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Help please with the final piece of my hackintosh puzzle

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Hi guys really need some help with the final part of my install please.


I am running an asus p6t se with nvidia gt640 12gb ram and various sata hard drives.  Everything is running very well sound,graphics,network even managed to get the microphone working for facetime and skype.  


One final thing is letting the side down and that is the sleep functionality.  The machine will go to sleep perfectly but once in that state will not wake and I am forced to cut the power and reboot.  I don't believe it is resetting the cmos as I am not prompted to change any of the bios which I believe is the sympton of a cmos reset.


Are there any kexts I need to add or remove to get this final thing working.  If there are please can you share them with me to test.


Many thanks



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Please post your hardware in your signature or somewhere..   I have a Gigabyte board (EP45) and it will not wake from sleep and CMOS resets and is a problem in the BIOS, not OSX..   It is possible this problem is within your BIOS, not your OS.


Also, you may try this -- http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/289798-applertc-patch-cmos-reset-after-sleepwake/

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