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  1. ElCapitan 10.11.2 on GA 945GCM S2C

    So you were able to get network working on this build with AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext ? Is your chipset the 8169? Could you please provide a link to the working kext for this as I have not been able to find one working on El Capitan and know a few people who also are trying to get this going. Thank you!
  2. problem with update 1.2 ThunderBolt

    just click marked solved under poispois' recommendation to you.
  3. problem with update 1.2 ThunderBolt

    Please mark this as "answered"
  4. I am using an acer 5750 and have battery indicator with a file named ACPIBatteryManager.kext , I would also try darkwake=0 or darkwake=10 at boot to see if it helps your sleep.. I have also seen audio kexts for your codec, I think one being here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/159-applehda-for-alc889/
  5. boot time

    Just make sure (when you go the ssd route on both, you go the clover route for boot-loader and gparted route for partition layout and have true gpt (no hybrid) for disk and boot (chameleon and chimera are still legacy) then you can get boot times near your windows boot times via clover and uefi - I love it, all my systems boot in under 10 seconds each. Good Luck!
  6. Sleep only from selecting sleep from Apple menu.

    Still a no go, tried waiting 2 minutes after the monitor turned off and it still doesn't sleep.. I did notice a change though, doing it this way will no longer let my computer go to sleep even from the apple menu. I can't seem to find all the different darkwake options, do you know the numbers I can test?
  7. It would be good to know more detail. i.e, what motherboard you are using and what have you tried? Are you using DSDT, what kexts are you using and which ones are loaded for power? Last but not least, what boot-loader are you using?
  8. My current build will not go to sleep when I setup via energy preferences. I test this by putting the computer to sleep after one minute. The display does turn off after the one minute, but I can wait over five minutes and it still doesn't sleep. The odd part is when I select sleep from the Apple menu, it goes right to sleep (the same when I press the power button and select sleep.) I have checked my kernel assertions and they are all at 0. Does anyone know why this could be happening? I always thought the "call" for sleep was the same, what is different about the energy preference timed sleep? ----FIXED I cleaned an old section in my DSDT from a leftover network card (Atheros making it Airport friendly) and regenerated my SSDT.. It wasn't working after this, but finally went to sleep w/ darkwake=10 after 4 minutes of wait.
  9. Help please with the final piece of my hackintosh puzzle

    Please post your hardware in your signature or somewhere.. I have a Gigabyte board (EP45) and it will not wake from sleep and CMOS resets and is a problem in the BIOS, not OSX.. It is possible this problem is within your BIOS, not your OS. Also, you may try this -- http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/289798-applertc-patch-cmos-reset-after-sleepwake/
  10. Looking great to me, hope you have a good time!
  11. OS X 10.9 myHack USB Installer Beta

    The good news is I am now running with my GA-G31M-ES2L and Mavericks, bad news - not full. I have the latest Fakesmc but still can't reboot or shutdown w/o Kernel panic. Ideas?? Other news, I liked the performance in ML better than Mavericks.. So at this point, people not able to get it run aren't really missing out in my opinion... ---Update my Kernel panic was related to the generic XHCI USB drivers floating around. Guess my PCI-E USB3 card isn't so Mavericks friendly.... Removed those drivers and works fine now...
  12. OS X 10.9 myHack USB Installer Beta

    I have a Q6600 (Also have in my EP45 and it works fine) I do have some progress, again I am running a GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L , so it is a different board than you guys but still not booting and I haven't seen anyone getting this one to run. I wanted to update though that before I was loading my DSDT and it would Kernel panic then reboot with any command arguments I could throw at it, I took away my DSDT and now it doesn't reboot but goes to a black screen. I'm pretty sure the installer is loaded behind it all but I can't figure this one out, I have tried various GraphicsEnabler, PCIRootUID, npci, darkwake, -x, and Graphics Mode (I set like this -v "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32") and still just black.... Any suggestions to see if I can get this G31M chipset working?? Can someone start a specific G31M thread? I have a feeling not all people are reading this one since it is getting so big...
  13. OS X 10.9 myHack USB Installer Beta

    I have a GIGABYTE G31M board (G31M-ES2L) and I can't for the life of me get it too boot. I, to my knowledge have tried almost every combination for booting and it just cpu halts right after it loads the kexts.
  14. iMessage on Hackintosh Banned

    Yes, works fine with Clover.. I've been using clover for months (uefi reasons) and LOVE it.. I would recommend clover to all...