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  1. have you tried nvram ( this solved my issues)
  2. p6tse mavericks ok here ssd pointed back to 3td hd no issues sound icam etc working
  3. akhenamenra

    Help with asus p6tse install please

  4. akhenamenra

    Help please with the final piece of my hackintosh puzzle

    are you on mavericks, i have this board but i can't get my installer to work
  5. update went fine didnt have to reinstall anything ?? probably the dsdt i have i dunno, sound is ok from the get go,
  6. updated with apples updater , no problems, nothing to reinstall sound still works internet still works no kext to modify
  7. fixed it, great stuff all ready done and dusted well done
  8. i used the same method ( on a new hard drive) can't see why it isn't working as it works for everyone else ?? p6tse ?? no worries i can get into lion ok ill just wait for ErmaC his word is good
  9. giving it a blast now, i think it could be the dsdt as the audio comes up in the list profiler but earn i select the out put it only shows my apple tvn edit nah its still the same , i may change the dsdt tho
  10. glad im not in the boat alone ....... we can take the 10.7.4 sound kext from the DMG installer image ( system library etc ) and instal with kext utility and we will have sound or does the file need t be installed on a working copy of lion i.e. upgrade to lion 10.7.4 and then just copy across ? i would try but im not a t home many thanks , also can any one host the 10.7.4 next for education purposes? if all is good.
  11. how didi you get audio to work ?? as mine is messing about ( no sound) have you used the 10.7 HDAkext ?
  12. how did you get this done as when i try i get a fail message many thanks in advance