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T61 Install to 10.6.8 using LeoHazard 10.6.6i (Type-7659)


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Decided to write an updated guide for 10.6.6-10.6.8 installation on a Lenovo T61 laptop

Sorry for not having any style in this post (will fix up later)


Files Needed: T61_snowleo (7zip file with everything included / besides boot cd)

        optional: Nawcom ModCD


*The only known issues are the tilde key is not correct. If anyone knows of a fix let me know!

  also the brightness control


 1. Use a bootloader to boot the LeoHazard Disc with flags -v -f (I use Nawcom ModCD)

 2. Once booted, format a partition as Mac OS X Extended (Journaled), using GPT or GUID mode

 3. Select the partition you just prepared and click the Customize button

 4. Select Bootx86, VoodooPS2Trackpad, and VoodooTSCSync

 5. Click continue and install LeoHazard to the disk

 6. Once complete, restart system and keep the leohazard disk inserted.

 7. When the menu for Disk selection appears, press f8 and move selection to the installed partition and type -v -f

 9. Copy (this) folder to the desktop (T61_snowleo)

10. Install Chameleon bootloader from the utilities folder to your LeoHazard partition

11. Go to system preferences, right click on Chameleon and remove it

12. Install Tuxera NTFS from the utilities folder and restart

13. After restarting, run the Post Install script to finalize your installation :)

14. It's not advised to use my DSDT. If you want to extract your own, delete /Extra/DSDT.aml and reboot. Use Chameleon Wizard from the utilities folder to extract your DSDT.aml and place it in the /Extra folder.

15. Reboot and you should have working lid sleep

16. To update, download the combo update and install. After each update, reinstall chameleon and run Cleanup

17. Optional: download the non-system updates from the System Update menu


*Notes: For 10.6.8 update, download 10.6.7 combo update. Use Pacifist to open the pkg file. Find System/Library/SystemConfiguration, right click on Apple80211Monitor.bundle and Install to Other Disk (choose LeoHazard partition.) Run Cleanup to finalize installation


*Notes: If for any reason you cannot boot after deleting a kext from /System/LibraryExtensions, boot the LeoHazard disc with flags -v -f on the installed LeoHazard partition, repeating step 7


*Notes: To fix Mac App Store login error in 10.6.8, go to System Preferences, under location click "Edit Locations" and add a new location (name it anything). Delete the Automatic location and delete all network interfaces by pressing the '-' button. Go to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and delete the NetworkInterfaces.plist file. Reboot and re-add your network under the System Preferences Network menu.




Also, I will update my script to install SleepEnabler later on. If you want to install yourself, use Kext Utility to install the correct version.**Wrong version can cause kernel panic (you've been warned.)


Any problems, post here :)

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