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  1. **Get a copy of Mavericks and have a 8gb+ flash drive ready Files Needed: T61_mavericks (7zip file) -------------------------------------------------------------------- *Notes: step 11-12 is for a single boot setup for Mavericks. If you have another partition setup as a bootloader, install the boot file to it. 1. Extract a InstallESD.dmg from a Mavericks Installer 2. Use MyHack to create the 10.9 install onto a 8gb+ usb drive (MyHack drive) 3. Install Chameleon 2.2 with the FileNVRam module in customization onto the MyHack drive from the apps folder 4. Copy and replace the boot image from the Chameleon folder to the MyHack Install drive 5. Copy the DSDT.aml, org.chameleon.Boot.plist, and smbios.plist to the /Extra folder of the MyHack drive 6. Copy the kexts from the Extra/Extensions folder to the Extra/Extensions folder of the MyHack drive 7. Reboot and use Disk Utility to prepare the selected disk. Install Mavericks and when it asks if you want to use your own Extra folder, select yes and point to the Extra folder of the MyHack drive 8. Reboot with the flash drive still inserted, boot with -f -npci=0x2000 -PCIRootUID=1 9. Complete walkthrough tour/setup and force shutdown (power button) 10. Once again with the flash drive inserted, boot with -x -npci=0x2000 -PCIRootUID=1 10. Install Chameleon and add FileNVRAM module, npci=0x2000, PCIRootUID=1, and ignore caches in customization 11. Open Finder preferences and select Hard Disks to be visible 12. Copy and replace the boot file from the chameleon folder to the Mavericks partition (you may have to open a desktop item to find it) 13. Run Disk Utility and repair permissions on the Mavericks partition 14. Copy (this) folder to the Desktop (T61_mavericks) 14. Run the Post Install script and reboot 16. Run the VoodooHDA pkg script in the apps folder to finalize installation *Notes: If the installer glitches up before/during the install, reboot. This is a problem many are having with this OS version. Sometimes pressing the Enter key wakes it up, but it's unreliable. *Notes: If at any time you get a blank window during setup, click a the apple logo or some other menu item *Notes: If you lose WiFi, go to Network Preferences and in the Advanced menu's TCP/IP tab click "Renew DHCP Lease." ---------------------------------------- *Still working on graphics problem (X3100 drivers) but it is as stable as I could get it. You may have to take out the X3100 kexts from SLE? Not sure if they interfere with the GMA 950 kexts. I will update this guide as soon as better 64-bit X3100 drivers get released Haven't worked on sleep/restart issue because without graphics it's kind of pointless. This install freezes a lot still without the graphic drivers. ---- Leave comments below if you want to be part of this
  2. Decided to write an updated guide for 10.6.6-10.6.8 installation on a Lenovo T61 laptop Sorry for not having any style in this post (will fix up later) Files Needed: T61_snowleo (7zip file with everything included / besides boot cd) optional: Nawcom ModCD *The only known issues are the tilde key is not correct. If anyone knows of a fix let me know! also the brightness control 1. Use a bootloader to boot the LeoHazard Disc with flags -v -f (I use Nawcom ModCD) 2. Once booted, format a partition as Mac OS X Extended (Journaled), using GPT or GUID mode 3. Select the partition you just prepared and click the Customize button 4. Select Bootx86, VoodooPS2Trackpad, and VoodooTSCSync 5. Click continue and install LeoHazard to the disk 6. Once complete, restart system and keep the leohazard disk inserted. 7. When the menu for Disk selection appears, press f8 and move selection to the installed partition and type -v -f 9. Copy (this) folder to the desktop (T61_snowleo) 10. Install Chameleon bootloader from the utilities folder to your LeoHazard partition 11. Go to system preferences, right click on Chameleon and remove it 12. Install Tuxera NTFS from the utilities folder and restart 13. After restarting, run the Post Install script to finalize your installation 14. It's not advised to use my DSDT. If you want to extract your own, delete /Extra/DSDT.aml and reboot. Use Chameleon Wizard from the utilities folder to extract your DSDT.aml and place it in the /Extra folder. 15. Reboot and you should have working lid sleep 16. To update, download the combo update and install. After each update, reinstall chameleon and run Cleanup 17. Optional: download the non-system updates from the System Update menu *Notes: For 10.6.8 update, download 10.6.7 combo update. Use Pacifist to open the pkg file. Find System/Library/SystemConfiguration, right click on Apple80211Monitor.bundle and Install to Other Disk (choose LeoHazard partition.) Run Cleanup to finalize installation *Notes: If for any reason you cannot boot after deleting a kext from /System/LibraryExtensions, boot the LeoHazard disc with flags -v -f on the installed LeoHazard partition, repeating step 7 *Notes: To fix Mac App Store login error in 10.6.8, go to System Preferences, under location click "Edit Locations" and add a new location (name it anything). Delete the Automatic location and delete all network interfaces by pressing the '-' button. Go to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and delete the NetworkInterfaces.plist file. Reboot and re-add your network under the System Preferences Network menu. -------------------------------------------------------- Also, I will update my script to install SleepEnabler later on. If you want to install yourself, use Kext Utility to install the correct version.**Wrong version can cause kernel panic (you've been warned.) Any problems, post here
  3. Leopard vs Snow Leopard on Older Hardware

    right now i got no money to buy a newer PC, but I will keep Leopard 10.5.8 I guess It works very well with Qoopz Voodoo 9.8 v2. VOODOO IS THE BEST!
  4. My computer is a retail Emachines W3107 from year 2005 or something and Leopard 10.5.8 runs well on it and updates flawlessly. however, since I tried using Snow Leopard 10.6.3 I have had countless issues with iTunes not wanting to load preferences, updating, and slow bouncing icons in the dock. I haven't had as many problems for Leopard, so I was wondering if I should just use Leopard 10.5.8, instead of 10.6.3? I'm kinda just looking for reasons to use Leopard.. I am OCD about using only the newest things lol. Thank You all!
  5. Updating Hackintosh 10.6

    No helpers huh?
  6. I'm running SnowLeo OSX86 10.6. Yesterday I tried updating to the latest version of Snow Leopard and restarted after repairing permissions (using osx86 tools) but it did not start again. Now I have another clean install of Snow Leopard dual-booting with Windows 7. I am hoping someone can help me update my Hackintosh. Thank you for reading, please help out if you can.
  7. Help Needed For 10.5.8 Upgrade

    Yeah, I gave up on that PC (It was my moms). I successfully installed hackintosh on my PC so I tried it on a second computer -my mom's was the test lol.
  8. I am running IPC 10.5.6 atm and have tried upgrading with Apple Update, Zephyroth's AMD System Updater, and the iDeneb combo upgrade kit 10.5.8. The iDeneb upgrade kit did let me boot up -unlike the other's, but the upgrade got interrupted by a kernel panic. Latest upgrade trial: Attempted upgrade with QOOPZ' 9.8 VOODOO Based kernel. I did install the 10.5.8 seatbelt.kext, but I still couldn't run a .pkg or .mpkg Installer (It would just hang in the dock and wouldn't let me force close it or reboot). Maybe someone can give me advice here for an AMD Sempron system. This is a brand-new IPC osx86 10.5.6 installed system with a 9.6 kernel. Should I do anything before running Zephyroth's updater or the iDeneb combo upgrade kit 10.5.8?
  9. Help Needed For 10.5.8 Update

    in com.apple.Boot.plist, I changed the kernel to mach_kernel.voodoo2 and symlink'd mach_kernel.voodoo2 as mach_kernel.
  10. Help Needed For 10.5.8 Update

    just tried that, installing QOOPZ 9.8 VOODOO Based kernel and the problem remains. I know that I have the correct seatbelt installed -for 10.5.8. However, i am unsure if I have system.kext for 10.5.8 -Do you happen to have one I can download? Edit: I installed system.kext and seatbelt.kext from my working hackintosh 10.5.8 along with the known working Installer.app, but have had no luck.
  11. Help Needed For 10.5.8 Update

    It booted up, but I can't open any installers (.pkg .mpkg) files anymore. I did reinstall seatbelt.kext 1058 , but It didn't fix the issue. The installers launch, but they just hang there until I manually reboot -They cause my system's restart/shutdown functions to break.
  12. Help Needed For 10.5.8 Update

    What does anv -v do and what is it for? Should I use after using the mac updater (Even after an interrupted kernel panic install)?
  13. Help Needed For 10.5.8 Update

    Thank you! That helped me sort out my problem.
  14. Help Needed For 10.5.8 Update

    I have tried every possible update known to man! I have tried direct download + install from the software updater, iDeneb 10.5.8 combo update, and everything in between. This time, before updating I updated my kernel version to 9.8 and ponder the idea of trying it again (the update process). more info: I have an AMD processor 64-bit. I'm using IPC osx86 10.5.6, Mac OS X 32-bit mode with the QOOPZ Voodoo based v2 kernel and Chameleon 2 RC5 bootloader - If that's any help . The problem is whenever I get to downloading + installation of any update, I get a kernel panic. This is before the update even finishes. If anybody can tell me what I'm doing wrong or know of any fixes, I would be forever grateful. I haven't got replies on my other topics, so I hope this topic is different. Please help me fellow Hackintoshers!
  15. I installed THe voodoo kernel 9.8 and need the seatbelt kext from that installation. If anyone has Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8 installed, can you upload the seatbelt.kext on megaupload or somewhere else online for me to download it. This would help me a lot if someone is nice enough to upload it, thanks!