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Z77-D3H - no SpeedStep/TurboBoost or no graphics


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Hey you guys,


Yesterday I installed the OS X 10.9 on my hackintosh (specs below). Clean install from the USB stick created by the new createinstallmedia script. Everything works fine. I sideload FakeSMC.kext using Clover so the system I not modified at all. However...


I have no SpeedStep and Turbo Boost. CPU package multiplier is always at x35. Well, I generated the SSDT with Turbo to 4,6 GHz, placed it in the /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched on my Clover stick and... The graphics card (Radeon) doesn't start. Why? I have no idea. I tried using the LoadVbios and Inject ATI options in Clover but with no luck.


Any ideas?






GA-Z77-D3H (BIOS F21) | Intel i7-3770K (OC/TB 4.6 GHz) | 32GB 1600MHz DDR3 | Radeon XFX HD6870 Dual Heatpipe + HD4000 | VIA2021 (+ USB) | SSD 128GB + HDD 1TB

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i have same main board and same cpu.
For me speedstep and turboboost is working out of the box with clover boot loader and F14 Bios. (dsdt i only use for getting mobo sound card and hdmi sound working)
Only issue here:
Turboboost is max 3,7ghz as its configured in bios for 4 cores, i don't know if its osx / mac issue at all, but 

i never reach stock 1-core turbo fqz 3,9 ghz.

Only way is: set turbo boost in bios to all cores at 3,9 ghz or higher (for me i can do 4,4ghz with Thermaltake cooler)
system is stable, but gets noisy due to higher rpm of cooler.

make sure you use Imac 12,2 or higher Smbios (speedstep is not working when you are using Mac Pro definition)

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