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  1. An update: I've managed to get Bluetooth working by disabling (sic) Wireless Switch in BIOS settings. However, nothing changed about Wi-Fi even though it's the same chip. I'll appreciate any help with the issue.
  2. Hi, So, I've been doing this for years but I'm slowly starting to give up on the XPS 13 as I have no idea how to resolve the issues I have with said device. My Dell has a 1820A wireless card, which is basically a BCM4350 (PCIID: 14E4:43A3). It's supposed to run almost out of the box, with a little help of RehabMan's FakePCIID. Unfortunately, it doesn't. Sierra 10.12.5 sees the device (correctly, as AirPort) but I can't manage to turn it on. I've read that the Wi-Fi needs to be turned on in Windows and then the state should persist after the reboot. It's not the case here. The other problem also connects to the 1820A - it's Bluetooth. Installing BrcmFirmware and Patch into /S/L/E gets the kexts loaded into the system, but Bluetooth doesn't even show up in System Preferences. I've tried installing everything using my own experience, as well as guides and scripts made specifically for my device. None of them fixes my problems. Does anyone have any idea as to where the problem lays? My Clover folder is attached to the post.
  3. What's your iMessageDebug output?
  4. Hi, let my just start by saying that I followed pretty much every guide I found on the Internet and nothing seems to work - logging out of iCloud, changing SMBIOS, generating new SN and UUID etc. I'm running macOS 10.12.3 with Clover, currently on a MacPro6,1 SMBIOS. Everything works just fine except for two things - iMessage and FaceTime. The former shows as "inactive" and the latter doesn't allow me to make any calls. I've run out of ideas on how to fix it. M. -- Quick edit: Forgot to mention that I think something's not right with my NVRAM - I can add values using the sudo nvram x=y command but as soon as I reboot the system, the field is gone from nvram -p. -- Edit 2: Finally got it to work. Using emuvariableuefi-64.efi seems to have fixed the problem.
  5. Hi, I'm currently building a new hackintosh with a triple monitor setup. Unfortunately, my mobo has only HDMI, DVI and a VGA output so I can't connect all the monitors to it. I also have a GTX 1070 but I know I can't use it just yet. However, I'm willing to buy some cheap discreet GPU for now. I found a cheap Radeon HD 5770 with double DVI + HDMI + DP. Unfortunately, I also won't be able to connect all the screens to it as it would require me to buy an active DP -> DVI/HDMI converter which is a little bit of an overkill for me. So, my question is, can I buy the Radeon, connect 2 screens to it and the other to Intel HD530 and somehow make it work? Thanks M.
  6. Hey you guys, Yesterday I installed the OS X 10.9 on my hackintosh (specs below). Clean install from the USB stick created by the new createinstallmedia script. Everything works fine. I sideload FakeSMC.kext using Clover so the system I not modified at all. However... I have no SpeedStep and Turbo Boost. CPU package multiplier is always at x35. Well, I generated the SSDT with Turbo to 4,6 GHz, placed it in the /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched on my Clover stick and... The graphics card (Radeon) doesn't start. Why? I have no idea. I tried using the LoadVbios and Inject ATI options in Clover but with no luck. Any ideas? M. Specs: GA-Z77-D3H (BIOS F21) | Intel i7-3770K (OC/TB 4.6 GHz) | 32GB 1600MHz DDR3 | Radeon XFX HD6870 Dual Heatpipe + HD4000 | VIA2021 (+ USB) | SSD 128GB + HDD 1TB
  7. Mountain Lion + HD3000

    Device ids are stored in kexts, not SMBios. Anyway, I've tried. Still nothing.
  8. Mountain Lion + HD3000

    I know how to generate SMBios . Tried Mac Mini's one and now I have Macbook Pro 8.1, which also uses HD3000 but still no QE/CI
  9. Mountain Lion + HD3000

    I have Mountain Lion GM installed on my Hackintosh. Almost everything works, but I can't get QE/CI on my graphics. I use original Apple's kexts for HD3000 and Chimera by tonymac. What can I do?
  10. ATI HD 7670M

    Guys, one simple question: is it possible to run ATI Radeon HD 7670M on my Hackintosh? I haven't seen any kext or tutorial for this card. Best, webDeWo.pl