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Clover_v2k_r2211 no Timeout 0


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Hi there


Yesterday i installed 10.9 GM fine on Z68X-UD3H-B3 with Clover on Fusion Drive.

All works great but i only use Mac OS and don't need Clover Gui for chance boot device.

Quiet Boot don't work with Timeout 0 in config.plist. I know the Problem is BOOTX64.efi in /EFI/Boot. 

I can use an old one but it s not Inject my Wlan and other thinks.

Is there any way to boot Quiet with the newest Clover Version?



Sry for bad english i´m german nativ

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take a good read here




Similar to setting Timeout to 0 but:

    nvram.plist will be searched only until first occurrence
    does not search for the best video mode
    does not load themes and graphics
    does not scan SPD
    no chance to enter the GUI

Having this parameter enabled might not really have any big effect.
Instead, you can try a custom compilation:

    disable GUI in CloverEFI (3 seconds difference)
    only search for Sata0 drivers (9 seconds difference)

sudo nvram -p   " to see what is in nvram "


sudo nvram -c   "to clear "


good hack

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mirkos-imac:~ mirko$ sudo nvram -p
SystemAudioVolume	0
bluetoothActiveControllerInfo	%01%00%12%0a%00%00%00%00%16%1a%00%11gx%81%e3
fmm-computer-name	Mirkos iMac
mirkos-imac:~ mirko$ 

I have clear nvram and after reboot it s show the same like before 

I found out if i use an older CLOVERX64.efi Timeout works great but FixAirport_4000 in config.plist don't work 


​I don't know what i have to do :(

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why u don't use the key Fast..


is not that u want ...


no stop in GUI


if it works for u older versions .. must talk with devs... maybe something wrong in code..


good hack

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