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iDeneb succsesfull installed on Dell Inspiron 1300 - a few questions

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Hello, i have a iDeneb 1.5.1 on my Laptop installed.

Here are the questions:




I can only boot in save-mode and with an external Screen.

Without the Screen, i have only a blue picture.

With the external Screen, i have a distorted picture, no chance.

--> please take a look on my uploadet pictures.


When i boot in safe mode with screen, and remove that, after load the X-Server,

the system running fine.



At the current installation, i forgot the Broadcom driver (or kext).

I have installed that later, but that seems not loadet by boot?

I look at BIOS, the Chip is activated - any ideas?



The touchpad works very fine, but i cant scroll with them.

Do you know any ways to add the scoll function?



I have no akku-icon, upon, right - how i can add them?


Greetings ;)


PS: im from germany, im very, very sorry for this bad enlish ;)



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