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HP Pavilion DV7 6197ca DSDT Help

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Ok, so this is not so much a DSDT for Mac question (Though I would like to use it for that too!), but I was wondering if someone could help me out!

I have a HP Pavilion DV7 6197ca, and I need to fix One Major Issue that is only an issue for me.

I would like to modify my DSDT (While still having it usable under windows, I am going to apply this DSDT to windows.) to basically make my fan turn on sooner.

My laptop idles at 50C usually, which is okay for its model, (Some I've seen Idle at 60 :/) and anyway, I want to make the fans go to full blast when my temp goes above 60C (or whatever is closest in the DSDT).

Any help would be REALLY appreciated!



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HP Powermanager/coolsense or whatever it's called doesn't do fan control?


Have you seen this: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-pavilion-notebooks/583537-hp-pavilion-dv6-3-dv7-4-perhaps-dm4-fan-control-mod.html

It does the opposite of what you want but I'm sure it could be easily modified.

If editing and loading a patched DSDT on Windows doesn't scare you, the above should be a walk in the park.


/EDIT post #8 in that topic seems to have the information you're looking for.

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HP Coolsense is Joke, all it does is Enable/Disable Turbo Boost on the processor, and I have already been fiddling with the EC, But I cant seem to find the correct register :/.


So again, does anybody  out there wanna give Modding my DSDT a shot?

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Speedfan, like styrian recommended, is very good and I use it on the Windows side of my HP Envy 17t-3200 CTO.  However, HP does not typically have a fan sensor on its motherboards.  Therefore, you cannot configure when it will turn on or off using Speedfan but you can set Speedfan to automatically control your fan speed.  However, without a fan sensor, I don't think there is any program that will work exactly like you want and I'm not sure but I don't think that a DSDT (or SSDT) edit in the Windows versions of those files will do anything.  For what it's worth, I am also having temps regularly in the low 50's celcius and I have been contemplating taking the heatsinks off and applying Arctic Silver to the processors to try to reduce temps a few more degrees.  But with my i5 processor, temps are going to be in the high 40's to low 50's when idle.  That just seems to be a fact.

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