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Help Needed: HP G60-440US DSDT patches


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I have installed OSX 10.8.5 on my HP G60-440US laptop.  I have mostly everything working except GMA 4500m, Sleep, and Power Management.  I am looking for assistance in patching my DSDT to enable Sleep (also via lid closing), Power Management, and possibly any and all suggestions about finding a kext that will supply resolutions for the GMA 4500m.

I apologize in advanced if I am missing any information.  Please let me know what additional information is needed.



Intel Pentium T4300 (1M Cashe, 2.10 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)

GMA 4500m


Hoping to gain:

1.  Native Power Management (via DSDT)

2.  Sleep (via DSDT)

3.  Lid Sleep (via DSDT)

4.  Brightness slider in Display System Preference (via DSDT hopefully)

5.  Working Kext for ML to support resolutions of GMA 4500M.  I understand the QE/CL issue.


Thank you.


Update:  I have been able to get LPC to launch via a DSDT patch.  AICPM is also launched no kp's.  When sleep is engaged I get a white screen with pointer.  Also, I am unable to get any type of battery kext working.  Currently have RehabMan battery kext installed but no battery reading.  Just an X in battery icon.


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did you get any further on this?  I have just kicked started with my HP G60-530US and I cant get the ethernet, wifi adapter, nor the video card(except 1024x768) to work.  Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!  Thanks!

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