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Anyone find a solution/workaround to 10.8.5 sleep bug?


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I have just updated to 10.8.5, and it appears that Apple have made some changes to AICPM, which even affects real Macs.




I have repatched my AICPM using NullCPUEnabler, and then dumped NullCPU kext. I now have working speed step, graphics power management, and the computer goes to sleep.


THE MONITOR DOES NOT WAKE UP, unfortunately (darkwake=0 does not solve this).


Some thoughts:


I was using GenericXHCI 1.25 kext for USB3.0 (and it was working after sleep), but I have no need for USB3.0 atm, so may rollback to old IOUSBFamily to get everything working at USB2.0 speeds.


My SleepEnabler.kext (working in 10.8.4) gave a KP before (well it did before patching AICPM). I'll try it again, but I'm not holding my breath that it will work.


PS. I'm using Core i5 2500 (3.3GHz) on P67A-GD55(B3) MSI motherboard. Had everything 100% with 10.8.4 (see my other post)

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