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  1. I got it working with CloverALC patched for Mojave support (easy script edit), and using LayoutID=2 many thanks
  2. themacmeister

    Mojave 10.14.1 on Lenovo 330s

    I have the similar (but very different) 330s 15IBK, which has Kaby Lake Refresh i3-8130 + not ELAN trackpad :-( I cannot get battery status/lid sleep/trackpad working... I can get barely usable trackpad with VoodooI2C + I2CHID kexts I have also gotten partially working battery status, but after the 16bit patching to 8bit, DSDT would no longer compile :-( If you know of any info/guide regarding this model, could you please let me know!
  3. Thanks for the guide, it got my H370 HD3 running, I just did a clean install of Mojave 10.14.2, and LayoutID 7 does not seem to work?
  4. themacmeister

    Mojave MBR HFS Firmware Check Patch

    I created the installer USB using Manual Method, and did an in-place upgrade (not a fresh install). Sadly, the SSD was converted to APFS during the install. I have reverted back to High Sierra JHFS+ from Time Machine backup. I assume that I can do a fresh Mojave install to JHFS and then restore apps and documents from High Sierra Time Machine backup...?!?!
  5. Hi MaLd0n,


    Just got an ASUS Z170-ar with 6700K + GTX 980.


    Runs perfectly with everything but Sleep/Wake. Waking computer makes it lockup (fan runs hard and no video).


    I saw a really nice patched DSDT you did for a ASUS Z170-M with the following...


    -HDAS to HDEF


    If I supply you with a cleanly extracted DSDT, do you think you could patch it for me? or at least give me the exact patch names (I have Rehabman's MaciASL and tools, including select patches).


    Many thanks.



  6. themacmeister

    Clover General discussion

    This reply does not instil confidence in donation
  7. themacmeister

    Success - HP XW6600 Workstation

    Thanks for the info psyolent. I am amazed that this thread is still alive sometimes...
  8. themacmeister

    ACER Aspire 4752 10.9.5 Guide with kextpack

    This is the wrong place to ask for help with that new hardware. This post was 2nd-gen Core i, not 7th-gen. I have V5-573 Haswell, and it took me two weeks of solid work to get macOS working to my satisfaction. You may need USBInjectAll.kext (latest) which also has 200-series-XHCI-injector.kext You will almost certainly need FakePCIID.kext and FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext too Head over to the Discord, and see if /u/corpnewt can fix you up with a minimal working EFI folder/kexts etc. He got my (troublesome) B250M Kaby Lake i5 running sweetly. Discord invite link is on reddit /r/hackintosh in the sidebar. Best of luck!!
  9. themacmeister

    Disk inserted not Readable by this Computer

    Do you think this will still work with Sierra 10.12.6 ??
  10. themacmeister

    CUDA 418.163 is out! [UPDATE May 10, 2019]

    Latest CUDA not working on 10.13 nbody shows no devices CUDA-Z no help at all. Using Web Driver, going to try Apple Driver, but supposedly not supported with this CUDA version?
  11. themacmeister

    [SUCCESS] ASUS Prime B250M-C Kaby Lake

    Do you think this solution may work for ASUS Prime B250M-D ??? I just picked one up (along with an i5-7600, GTX 1060 3GB, 16GB 2400MHz RAM, m.2 SSD (SATA or PCIe), case + PSU, DVD-Burner) Let me know what you think?!
  12. themacmeister

    ACER Aspire 4752 10.9.5 Guide with kextpack

    This topic is nearly 3 years old now :-D I'm on CorpNewt's discord now... (a spinoff from Reddit's /r/hackintosh
  13. themacmeister

    ACER Aspire 4752 10.9.5 Guide with kextpack

    I sold my MBP 2012, needed the cash... got an Acer Aspire V5-573 and Hackintoshed the {censored} out of it... all working except PCIe card reader (I have a compact USB one).
  14. themacmeister

    GA-B75M-D3H Yosemite 10.10.5 ->Sierra 10.12.3

    Yup, system is great... ever since upgrading to latest Clover, have not had a single issue (I still have underscan/overscan issues with boot logo size at startup, which I fixed previously with CSMvideoDXE.efi, but it doesn't work anymore :-( Also, screen blackout with NVIDIA is a couple of seconds longer than with Apple driver.