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[URGENT. NEED HELP] Optiplex 320 Hard Drive Issues


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Hi everyone, I (sorta) got the Mac Installation working, but new problem. I see no option for RAID or AHCI in BIOS, and Mac doesn't show my 80GB or my 500GB drives... Can someone help me?


I still need to run the server software on a Mac when nobody around here has a Mac...


Edit: I tried putting my 80GB in a harddrive reader, and it installed fine, but won't boot...

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probably u are using ide hd ?


that is a old machine


if so must find a proper kext for that controller..


good hack

I have no idea what IDE controller I am using, nor where to get the controller...




Ok, but i wanna trainning my little english.


You don't speak english?


This is impossible, inside the imagem has mach_kernel...


But about HD... try boot without -x

Oh ok, I thought it would be easier for you to speak your own language, but I do speak English, I could use Google Translate...

The mach_kernel error was when trying to use a Chameleon Boot flash drive and a 80GB HD in a USB hard drive adapter, it's fixed by installing Chameleon to the drive itself.

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