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ML 10.8.2 Won't sleep. Exactly wake fast after sleep


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HI guys,

I have ML 10.8.2 and close to prefection. Sleep not workd.

Exactly It's work but wake fastly after sleep.

Vahids-Mackbook-Pro:~ vahid$ syslog |grep -i "Wake reason"
Sep 17 22:26:10 Vahids-Mackbook-Pro kernel[0] <Debug>: Wake reason: GLAN XHC EHC2

I didin't attached  device to USB ports.

I don't know what EHC2 and GLAN and XHC is.

I attached my IOReq and DSDT.



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EHC2 is USB2 hub, GLAN is LAN card and XHC is USB3 hub. You probably have to inject Apple's native USB device ids and fix HPET to solve this problem.

I'm noob in DSDT editation!

evrytime i touched DSDT , I got kernel panic!


Maye you please explan how to Inject apple ids and Fix HPET ?!




+ My laptop dosn't have USB3 port ! can i remove XHC Device ?!

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You can do this with Clover without even touching DSDT. With Chameleon you probably need DSDT edits. Try this one.

What really u did ?!!!

you fixed my sleep:

Sep 17 23:41:04 Vahids-Mackbook-Pro kernel[0] <Debug>: Wake reason: PWRB (User)

Thanks dude ;-)

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Well I fixed HPET in DSDT and added Apple device ids for USB. Just like I said in post #3 :)

I compare newDSDT and oldDSDT, Fix me if I'm wrong:

U use this patchs:

HPET patch

XHCI patch

XHCI patch with new id in RHUB

XHCI patch with new id in EHC1

DTGP patch


I found patchs here: olarila.com/forum/patches.php but device-id u used is defferent ! how u knows currect device id ?!

may y give me a hand to learn more about DSDT ?! :)

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