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  1. Gradient Issue With AMD Radeon HD 7650M Sony Vaio SVE1712BCXB

    Really? And what was the reason? Have you actually fixed it?
  2. Nah, I don't really like it. On pictures, during the presentation it looked better. In reality I got tired of all these colors after just a few hours. And DP1 is buggy as hell. Sound and microphone work fine with VoodooHDA 2.8.5 on my ALC269VB. Worse than with patched AppleHDA, but it works.
  3. Hmm, how would you connect them? One through HDMI and the other one though VGA? There might be problems with getting VGA to work, it has been buggy all the time. Otherwise I think it should work, at least theoretically. I've never tried connecting 2 monitors at the same time. --- I've just installed Yosemite DP1 and the card works fine. The whole system looks nice, yet I think that launchpad in Mavericks was better.
  4. Well, at least it's not overwritten with system update. You only have to install it again when the new OS X version is released (once in a year or something). It's definitely much easier than getting AppleHDA to work fe.
  5. It works perfectly good for me. However, some time ago it didn't and I had to use Device-Properties string to enable the card without gradients. So if it doesn't work, I'm afraid there is no way do fix it yet. But why don't you want to use DisplayMergeNUB kext instead? I think you can put it into kexts/10.9 folder and keep vanilla system, no?
  6. On Ivy Bridge processors (X86PlatformPlugin kext instead of ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin) you have to delete ringFreqTables key and then it works fine. IMO it's useless to modify something, when we can use original kext with some mobile platform SMBIOS. I don't think MBP 8.3 works any better than MBP 6.1 (or MBA 6.1 in my case). The other question is why it happens with Clover and not with Chameleon. But we have to ask Clover developers I guess. However, I'm not really sure if they are aware of this issue at all. I think I asked Slice some time ago and he ignored it
  7. Great! On the other hand, that's a very weird problem if you didn't have that on Chameleon. I don't know if it works with other SMBIOS on Chameleon for me since I've been using Clover from the very begin :/
  8. I had similar problem, but it was not related to video card. If I choose any SMBIOS except MacBookAir6.1 + generation of PStates, it stucks for a while at the end of boot and then I get a white screen. If I select MacBookAir6.1 SMBIOS or disable PStates generation, it boots fine. IMO it's related to X86PlatformPlugin in my case. Maybe something similar happens to you (I guess you are using custom SSDT for PStates).
  9. LVDS working on 6570m with no backlight (hp dv6 notebook)

    Why not? You can generate processor states in Clover automatically, without SSDT.