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Error: com.apple.driver.AppleUSBXHCI when booting without boot flags

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Hey community,


I installed ML on my Lenovo G780 (see "system" below) und stuck at the error message above when booting from the Unib... stick without boot flags (used -v -f -x before). When I boot with bootflags I get to the OS X desktop normally.


The next problem is multib... (I know you don't like that tool, any alternatives), I don`t really know what to choose. When I last ticked what I thought a reboot resulted in a black screen. I hope you could help me.



Notebook: Lenovo G780 M8446GE
CPU: Core i7-3612QM
GPU: HD4000 und Geforce GT630M (Optimus Technologie)
HDD: 750 GB (2 partitions: one for ML and one for data)
SSD: Samsung Evo 120 GB (1 partition: Windows 8)


Sorry for my english and thanks in advance :)

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