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Lenovo G780 i7 Ivy bridge 10.8.5 guide


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All kexts and files needed to proper install and boot G780 with ivy bridge i7 (only for 17" 1600x900 - patched dsdt with dual link). Maybe will work for 15" too. Who knows....



Pre-install: update to latest bios 5ECN96WW, disable nvidia in bios (or you need to delete all NV* kexts from /S/L/E), Disable UEFI, select everything whats possible to Legacy mode smile.png

1. Create installer with myhack 3.2 beta 8
2. replace the Extra folder with this one.
3. Install all kexts from /Extra/Extensions to /S/L/E using kext wizard (yes you will have them duplicated but thats ok). Repair permissions and rebuild cache
4. Connect USB to port located on right side where the optical drive is.
5. No boot options needed (-f = if you did not rebuild the cache). Full resolution with QE/CI installer will appear. Install Mac OS
6. Reboot, boot from installer, selected installed disk and use "-x -f USBLegacyOff=Yes"
7. Copy Extra folder from installdisk to installed ML
8. install all kexts from /Extra/Extensions to /S/L/E and delete the /Extra/Extensions folder. Repair permissions, rebuild cache.
9. Boot and enjoy.

Update to 10.8.5: Use Combo update, rollback AppleACPIPlatform from this file. If doesn not help, refresh all kexts from this file to your /S/L/E

Not working: Wifi, FN Brightness, Nvidia, touchpad after wakeup. 

PS: In case you don't have QE/CL try different efi string injection for the HD4000. If the USB disk wont appear in boot menu restart using CTRL+ALT+DEL. This laptop does POST boot so fast that my USB HDD won't make it at first time after turning on using power button.

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