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Hey guys,


So currently I've got a sapphire radeon 6950 hd series (2g version). How well does this work with hackintosh? I know a year ago when I tried this it wouldn't work correctly...? 





Im going to be ordering some new parts (my motherboard was sent in for rma after a faulty bios update, and I need more hd space)


I was thinking the gigabyte ud3h or ud5h? Give me your opinions on compatibility (I want the least amount of work possible)


Also, I need a either a good water cooler or heatsink to replace my Hyper 212 evo (fan died).


Lastly, Any opinions on a 1tb hard drive?



I7 2700k sandy bridge

32 gb geil black series ram

MSI z77a-g45

Radeon 6950


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