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Found 22 results

  1. Hello everyone, I was able to install macOS Sierra 10.12.6 a few months ago successfully with working audio, internet, etc. But now I want to upgrade to High Sierra and am not sure whether or not it will be compatible with my system. (Tried to do it using a High Sierra USB. Wouldn't boot into installer, showed "+++++++++++++" or something.) My specs are: Dell Optiplex 3010 Intel Core i3-3240 @ 3.40GHz (HD2500 Integrated Graphics) 4GB of RAM NVIDIA Quadro FX1800 (Want to use this GPU, have an extra Radeon HD7470 somewhere that I can also use in this if needed) Conexant CX20641 Audio Realtek RTL8111E Ethernet So, can I upgrade to High Sierra? Please let me know. EDIT: I kept getting this error: (See attached image) Thanks -Discount_Mac
  2. audifanatic518

    HP Envy 700-109c

    Hello, I recently purchased an HP Envy 700-109c and I'm curious about trying a Hackintosh install. I would have built the PC myself, but for the price ($599), I couldn't really beat this machine. Anyway, the motherboard concerns me a bit in regards to compatibility. I'd also like to upgrade the graphics card sometime in the near future, so I'm not sure if that'll be an issue (assuming I buy a compatible card). I'd appreciate any help!
  3. Hello, I have recently purchased an Asus Vivobook E200ha. The specs are as follows: CPU: Intel® Cherry Trail Quad-Core Z8300 Processor, 1.84 GHz Memory: OnBoard Memory 2 GB (DDR3L) GPU: Integrated Intel® HD Graphics Storage: 32Gb eMMC Networking: Integrated 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Built-in Bluetooth™ V4.1 Display: 11.6" 16:9 HD (1366x768) The laptop came with Windows 10, however I am not really a Windows guy, so I would like to change the OS to something else. So my options are either OSx or linux. My question is, is there any chance I could get OSx to work on it? Are the specs compatible, and if so, is t here any tutorial/explanation on how I could get it to work?(the installation guides I have found were for other systems, especially for different CPUs). I am sorry if this is a newbie question, but this is my first time even considering installing hackintosh on a machine. Thank you in advance.
  4. andrewkehoe0

    Dell Latitude Compatibility

    Hello! I have a Dell Latitude D810 currently running Lubuntu 14.10. I would like to make it a hackintosh. Preferably somewhere around 10.6.. That's basically my only macOS experience. Can anyone tell me if this is compatible? I believe it is stock config but my grandpa (previous owner) might have added something. Specs I know of: Intel Centrino 40 GB hard disk originally had Windows XP dual booted with Ubuntu 10 (neither would boot) Thanks very much in advance for any help. This would be my first Hackintosh so sorry for my lack of knowledge on the subject
  5. Hey there mates, I'm about to add an SSD to my rig for Windows and I plan on using my current 1TB drive for storage and games. I was just wondering if I could format that as GUID (or GPT in windows) and allocate 800GB~ for storage (formatted as NTFS) and the other 200GB~ for OS X (formatted as Journaled)? Would that be fine or will I run into a problem? Thanks
  6. Quisiera Consultar si es posible instalar mac os en mi notebook con estas características, ¿Cual distribución necesitaría? y ¿Como se hace? Toshiba B40-ASP4204KL Mobile DualCore Intel Celeron 1005M, 1900 MHz (19 x 100) RAM 1924 MB (DDR3-1600 DDR3 SDRAM) Video: Intel HD Graphics 2500 Audio: Realtek ALC269 @ Intel Panther Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [C-1] Ethernet: Qualcomm Atheros AR8161 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.30) WIFI: Realtek RTL8188EE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC ( Disco: 500 GB
  7. I have an HP Envy 4-1015dx, and I cannot find any information on OSX compatibility. Anyone have any insights? Done it before? Is there an easy tool to see if it's compatible or not?
  8. Hi guys I need to buy a new mother, my current hackintosh have a lot of problems plus is and old core 2 duo processor. I only need a motherboard that have at least 6 data ports because i have 8 HDD on an NZXT case (2 drives with a PCI-e SATA card) I found this motherboard https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/B85MG/specifications/ I live in argentina, my options to get a good motherboard are limited by the market and importation rules. IS a good motherboard to use with "El Capitan" ? Any experience ? I will buy this mother with an i5 processor And 16GB of RAM Any ideas ? other options ??? Regards
  9. Is there a reverse hardware compatibility list? At present I can find a list that starts with a specific version of OS X, then there are tested motherboards within that section. Is there the opposite arrangement, where you start with a motherboard and you would like to know the latest version of OS X you should be able to run on it? If there is, I can't find it. Thanks, Fretts
  10. soccer du25

    Radeon 6950

    Hey guys, So currently I've got a sapphire radeon 6950 hd series (2g version). How well does this work with hackintosh? I know a year ago when I tried this it wouldn't work correctly...? Also, Im going to be ordering some new parts (my motherboard was sent in for rma after a faulty bios update, and I need more hd space) I was thinking the gigabyte ud3h or ud5h? Give me your opinions on compatibility (I want the least amount of work possible) Also, I need a either a good water cooler or heatsink to replace my Hyper 212 evo (fan died). Lastly, Any opinions on a 1tb hard drive? Build: I7 2700k sandy bridge 32 gb geil black series ram MSI z77a-g45 Radeon 6950
  11. So, I'm rather new to hackintosh and OSX for x86 and I am slightly curious as to if anyone here has a CQ60z-200CTO laptop that they've tried installing any of the OSx86 products onto? I'm also curious as to how I could dual boot the Ubuntu and OSX (ubuntu being my primary and OSX being the secondary) and curious as to OSX's compatibility with GRUB2? Thanks
  12. Hello, Although i'm confident it can be done, i'm looking for an *easier to follow guide (for noobies) to help me through it. If my understanding is correct, the main issue is configuring the motherboards power management in line with OSX's set up (Auto power off, sleep mode etc). This is the guide i've been trying to follow.. http://www.macbreake...hackintosh.html So far, I've descovered the B85 is a UEFI setup but i can't find a pre made patched BIOS for it, and for an unknown reason my computer wont open the UEFI patching utility posted on this thread http://www.insanelym...ching-utility/ so i'm falling at the first hurdle. My setup: Asus vanguard B85 Intel i7-4770k Asus GTX 780 Seagate 2TB BARRACUDA 3.5" SATA-III Hard Drive - 7200RPM 64MB Cache (OSX Install Drive) Samsung SATAlll SSD 250GB (Windows) Corsair 16GB RAM I'm really hoping someone out there can help! Cheers, Danielt
  13. Howdy! My name is Joshua Bedford, and I'm brand new to this community. It appears as though I have been missing out! I started over at hewhoshallnotbenamed's (from what I understand) website. I need some help! I built my first (and only so far) hackintosh a little over 2 years ago (I think. haven't looked at exact dates). It has worked phenomenally, and was running my dual 27" displays perfectly for web development and video editing. The problem now is USB3.0, audio, and iMessage no longer work. iMessage was always spotty, but I need audio and USB3.0! It recognizes USB2.0 devices plugged into 3.0 ports, but not 3.0 devices (such as my 3TB external drive and usb hub). My question is this: Based on the hardware below, would it be a good idea / compatible to wipe it and start over with high sierra and the newest bootloader powering it? The only data on the drive is the OS and a few programs. Nothing irreplaceable or difficult to replace. My main question is one of compatibility (I'm not very knowledgeable about this process). Build: GPU: GTX960 CPU: i7-4790k MB: UD5H-Bk RAM: Gigabyte 16GB WNA: TP-Link WDN4800 PCPARTPICKER link: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/JrBedford/saved/#view=vpMLrH Everything except the monitor (I moved to 2 curved 27") is still true. Please view that for any specific part numbers! Let me know if more information is needed. I am willing to be helped in debugging the current system, but i wonder if installing high sierra would be easier. P.S. I bent a few of the pins in the USB3.0 header that connects the front panel of my case. That wouldn't cause the entire system to reject USB3.0 right? I'm plugging directly into the motherboard not through that plug.
  14. Knowing all the Intel Core 2 Duo and similar are getting cheaper by the second and I need a media system I thought I would love have a Snow Leopard capable Hackintosh. I would love to have a 2.5 or more GHz processor if possible I just cant find any compatible components avaliable to buy online.. Most of the links are dead, or the product is unavaliable I need some guidance and advice... I am on a budget so older hardware would be my chance. I already have a big case ready, so I need the parts....I have 3 Hackintosh laptops but no desktop... Could you direct me to some web where I can buy older hardware for Hackintosh? Preferably Snow Leopard capable build with Wifi and Bluetooth Thanks kindly
  15. Hello, Sorry for starting a new topic. I know topics like thais one are very frequent but obviously this is a big decision for me I did my research and has decided on these choices. Processor: Intel® Core™ I5-3450 3.1GHz 6MB Cache Processor GPU: GeForce GTX 650 1GB GDDR5 Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-B75M-D3H RAM: Team Xtreem Dark (1 x 8GB) DDR3 1600 CL9 1.5V or Kingston HyperX 4GB8 DDR3 1600MHz Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB 7200 SATA 6Gb/s HDD and now to the questions: I am not really sure about the motherboard, will it work without any problem? and can you recommend others pereferbly under($100)? I would be glad if you mentioned more than one becuase some cards might not be available at my local market. About the GPU Which company is better (Gigabyte, Zotech, Galaxy etc)? and is the GTX650 good choice to begin with? If you have any other comment please say, It would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  16. ehijon


    I'm going to buy this graphic card Gigabyte NVIDIA GTX 970 G1. Do you think that is compatible with the motherboard (Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH) ? Do you know if it works good in a Dell U2715H at 2560x1440 ? This is the whole setup I'm going to buy: MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH CPU: Intel BX80662I76700K Box Core I7-6700K CPU COOLER: Corsair Hydro H60 CW-9060007-WW GRAPHIC: Gigabyte NVIDIA GTX 970 G1 Gaming Edition RAM: Ballistix Sport LT Kit 32 GB (16 GBx2), DDR4, 2400 MT/s, (PC4-19200) DIMM 288-Pin - BLS2C16G4D240FSC WiFi+Bluetooth: Fenvi 802.11AC Desktop Wifi Card 802.11 A/B/G/N/AC Bluetooth 4.0 POWER SUPPLY: Corsair CX750M CP-9020061-EU, Serie CXM, 750W, Semi Modulare, 80 Plus CASE: Corsair CC-9011014-WW Case Corsair Mid-Tower Carbide 300R MONITOR: Dell 210-ADSH U2715H LCD Am I buying something wrong?
  17. Hi everyone I wanted to know if anyone knows how compatible the ASUS Z87I-DELUXE motherboard is with OS X Mavericks. Ethernet: Intel Intel I217-V Audio: Realtek ALC1150 (I believe this will work) WiFi: ASUS WiFi Go! (not sure what chipset this is) Any help is appreciated ~ Trey
  18. Hi everybody I am currently running Mojave on a GTX660 with 2 displays (one is 1920x1200, second one is 4K retina) Since I upgraded to Mojave, I get some very annoying glitches on the display. From what I saw on the Internets this is a common issue with this nVidia card (I temporarily switched to a GTX650 which works fine but does not support my 4K display) So I am willing to switch to an AMD graphic card for better compatiblity (as Apple now only uses AMD graphics on macs). For budget reason I will probably go for a RX580 rather than a Vega, but from what I read trough the forum, some people are facing issue with FCPX and this card (export to H264 does not work) I guess that this is because the GPU is not correctly handled, and that FCP X is not able to user hardward acceleration for rendering. As I am using Premiere pro, I was wondering if there was such issues with Premiere ? And more generally: does Premiere Pro will take benefit of this card, or will I get same performances with a cheaper RX570 or even RX560 ?
  19. Lakshay Verma

    Compatible Notebooks

    First of all, Hello everyone. I've just joined Insanely Mac(and cleared a couple of fairly simple quizzes before I could actually post this). Basically, I am a student residing in India where Apple products aren't as cheap as what you could get in U.S. or Singapore. The 15' Macbook Pro range starts from about $2000(even after student discounts its somewhere near $1850 or so) here which makes it quite unaffordable and unrealistic for me. Therefore, I am looking for some Notebook/Laptop that can be Hackintoshed to provide almost similar to original Mac experience, if not identical. Anything that costs $1000(Rs. 50,000) or lesser and meets the above requirements would do good. Ofcourse, I cannot expect a Hackintosh to work flawlessly out of the box, but yes, I need something that would require minimum tweaking or messing with kexts etc and something that is stable, reliable and fairly usable. Looking forward to helpful replies. Edit: I forgot to mention, I would be dual booting OS X and Windows7 even though I would be spending 80% of the time with OS X.
  20. etorrez97

    ECS 945G-M3

    Hi, i have the following specs in my PC and it works great on os x 10.5 leopard but im not sure if it is also compatible with os x 10.7 lion. any help wold be really appreciated! CPU Type Intel Celeron D, 3.466 GHz Motherboard Name ECS 945G-M3 Motherboard Chipset Intel Lakeport i945G System Memory RAM 1526 MB BIOS Type Award (12/24/07
  21. I know this is kind of broad, but if I build a workstation that's well supported on High Sierra now, how likely is it to still work well with the next major OSx release next fall? If you had to guess, what % chance do I have of encountering major issues when trying to update next fall? The kinds of issues that would seriously interfere with my day to day work of photo and video editing? For example, kext/kernel panics (is that even a thing still?) or major pieces of hardware suddenly not being supported, and so on... Has migrating your Hackintosh to the latest release has gotten easier in recent years? So for those of you who have been making builds for a while, is going from Sierra to High Sierra causing you fewer problems than Mavericks --> Yosemite for example or Yosemite --> El Capitan etc? Sorry if this is a bit broad and ignorant, but I've been away from the forums for quite a while and just trying to get a sense of how "stable" and "future-proof" Hackintoshes are these days - compared to Apple's own desktops ... I'm OK not updating incrementally ie v13.1 to v13.2 if I need to, but I'm worried about having to start completely from scratch with each new main version.
  22. Hello guys! now that i have done with MaLd0n and some user´s help, some hackintosh , i want to start in the laptops world. I have read some guides, issues and things that happens with laptops, so i want to buy the best hardware that are in the market at May of 2017. What are the best models of laptops for hackintosh that you like ? (all i5,i7 are welcome xD) ¡Thanks all!