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GT650m not working in normal boot (10.8.4)


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i'm trying out a new AIO computer, this one has a GT650m.


i can install and run ML 10.8.4 in safe mode, when i boot in normal mode it never seems to get to the desktop. it doesnt crash, i still see the odd console message from os x.


i'm guessing this is the gfx driver not kicking in, but i'm not sure what it expects, i heard 650m worked out the box.


i'm running latest chameleon, graphics enabler=no (=yes doesnt fix it)


i have attached my unlatched DSDT taken from windows, and also my ioreg taken from safe mode boot.


i'm used to dealing with the intel gfx, nvidia is a new one on me.


could anyone perhaps point me the right way? i'm good for making DSDT edits and editing plists etc.





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okay, so once again something i thought was known to work actually seems to be a source of grief for some people.


so maybe i'll ask a different question.


what is the driver that enabled graphics acceleration for kepler  cards?


reason i ask is that in safe mode the frame buffer loads fine, the card is detected with the correct ram and at the right resolution. i can boot the installer in safe mode no problem.


NVDAGK100Hal and NVDAResman are loaded.


i'm wondering if perhaps graphics is not the problem stopping my system loading in normal mode....

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@ rr7




Please write some lines about your getting up your GT650m. Some others here are fighting to get M Kepler cards working.


Congrats to your  :happymac:


Thanks in advance.

the only steps need to enable gfx was GraphicsEnabler=No. to boot in normal mode (not safe mode) i had to add dart=0 otherwise it would freeze.ML10.8.4

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