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  1. I had this problem a long time ago, after mavericks 10.9.2 update NVDAResman.kext stops supporting LVDS. I don't think any developers are able to fix this for many years now. only thing I could do was plug the HDMI-out to the HDMI-In as a loop and then the screen works. I tried again recently with Lilu + whatevergreen but this is still an issue. also, currently AppleALC does not fully support GK107 audio it seems, no volume control is present.
  2. this may just be how it is, but i got the impression you could use the GT680M so long as it was the only enabled GPU. i've unlocked the BIOS on my alienware m17x r4 and disabled the HD4000, but when macOS starts the display doesnt seem to fire, it just sits with the verbose text output. if i boot from the install USB then i just get the display complely black, as in 'off' should it be possible or are LVDS/built-in displays just simply not compatible?
  3. sorry I thought I'd mentioned that, its layout 1 I think the problem was solved before that, it looks like the issue was that the laptop wasn't fully going to sleep, so therefore it never really went through the sleep/wake cycle. it corrects goes to sleep when I close the lid now and the sound restores okay. I have replaced the codec commanded anyway so everything is how it should be in case I have any future issues. thanks
  4. maybe I'll just try another wifi card, perhaps this specific combination just doesn't work well under macOS.
  5. I've installed this on my alienware M17x R4 and its using the DW380 bluetooth card, and the DW1520 Wifi Card. using macOS sierra. updated from 10.12 to 10.12.4 and it makes no difference. wifi driver is vanilla. the Wifi works great, but once bluetooth is loaded the WiFi just turns off constantly, and cannot be turned on manually, once I remove the patchRAM2, WiFi is fine. it doesn't make any difference if I load the repo kext in S/L/E, L/E or using the data kext in clover/kexts/others. the firmware version loaded seems correct and matches the one loading in windows. the Wifi and Bluetooth work fine in windows. is this likely an issue with the kext or my notebook? I will provide whatever details needed.
  6. this worked for me in the end, but I had to put it in /clover/kexts/other so it started early enough. now works as isight cam in all apps.
  7. I've attached the files as requested. taken while the patchRAM kext is loaded and the issue is occurring. the issue occurs with or without using my DSDT and SSDT edits. [EDIT: I've removed the files now since they were not downloaded anyway]
  8. Hi, I don't have any issues when using other USB devices, only the BT kext. it has no mention on enoch, but clover is mentioned a few times. its this version here: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-BrcmPatchRAM/issues/29#issuecomment-298334698 it makes no difference where I put the kexts, it does the same thing. I did open an issue on the project page but rehabman referred me to 'the forums', which I think is here...
  9. thanks to this I've been able to get my Audio on my Alienware M17x R4 working well enough for my needs, but there is a quirk I can't quite seem to work out. in a nutshell, when I close the lid the internal speakers go quiet, but when I open it, they won't play sound. if I plug something in the headphones and unplug again it comes back. if I have the headphones in and close the lid and re-open, then the headphones don't work until I unplug them (in which case the speakers work okay). so it seems the current output device doesn't reset correctly when the lid is opened. I've got codec commander installed, and I've had a look at the settings in the plist, but I can't quite work out if any of these are what I need to change, none I did change made any difference. I've tried the kext in /L/E, S/L/E and its currently in COVER/kexts/Other, but the result is always the same.
  10. how can I confirm my webcam is or isn't ivc? I have an Alienware M17x R4 and pretty much everything is working now apart from the webcam. its listed in the USB section as Product ID 0x8127 vendor ID 0x064e, but the camera section says no video capture devices were found. I tried the anyisight.kext and it changes these IDs to apple ones but still says no camera detected. is it just as simple as the fact this isn't a UVC camera?
  11. selling off a couple of my mackintosh projects as i don't follow the scene anymore really. last build i put on it was yosemite and it all works apart from the mini pci wifi that is no longer supported,but it works fine in mavericks and can easily be swapped out. the trick is this one has HDMI input so you can have an iMac that lets you run your games console on the same screen. uses desktop CPU so can be upgraded to i5 or i7. it also has windows 10 licensed to the device and it supports mSATA if you wanted to dual boot which is what i did. UK only but if this is of interest to anyone drop me a line, happy to discuss and answer any questions..
  12. rr7

    Anyone mobile Kepler 6xxM working?

    i take it no solution to this was ever found? mavericks is getting a bit old now and i;m still stuck on the 10.9.1 drivers.
  13. i read elsewhere here where someone said NVDAResman is basically the NVCAP injector on kepler cards. and since this method seems to have changed from10.9.2 onwards, i no longer have display on my LVDS connected screen. so i'm wondering in theory should i be able to get ride of NVDAResman.text and replace it with an NVCAP generated from the 10.9.1 drivers i am currently running on? or can NVDAResman be edited? has anyone learned how this works? tried all the other stuff btw, efi string injection, dsdt edits, smbios types.
  14. rr7

    GT650M - black screen since 10.9.2 update

    Not really the same problem then, hopes dashed!
  15. i'm posting this as both a question and a knowledge base really should i discover whats going on. i have a GT650M that works out the box (no DSDT needed) on 10.9 ad 10.9.1 with no issues. on 10.9.2 however the screen goes black and never gets to the desktop, the computer continues to run in the background. the display is an internal display (all in one pc) i've tried this on a fresh install and its the same. are any other nvidia users having similar issues? or some clues as to where to look on these nvidia things? EDIT1: i hooked up a display to the HDMI port, which works. so it looks like 10.9.2 no longer supports display type 02 00 00 00 (LVDS). i installed the web drivers and its still the same. EDIT2: copied the NVDAGK100HAL, NVDAResman, and NVDAStartup kexts from 10.9.1 back over the top and it works again now. not really a fix though.
  16. rr7

    GT650M - black screen since 10.9.2 update

    just wanted to drag this thread up again as it seems various people have had similar problems, but i can't seem to piece it together to solve my own issue. something changed in NVDAResman.kext that means my LVDS display is simply no longer detected, i was thinking maybe some DSDT edit to parse some frame buffer layout info but i'm not familiar with the nvidia stuff at all. all posts about NVCAP seem to indicate this is no longer applicable to GT650M cards. has there been any discoveries regarding this?
  17. are realtek card readers known not to work at all? i've tried searching but i came up blank. if it needs a custom kext, and such a thing doesn't exist, is it a case of porting a linux driver over or something? EDIT: i saw they have a patch on the realtek website, its dated 2011 and it doesn't appear to do anything.
  18. rr7

    GT650M - black screen since 10.9.2 update

    Hi, i tried this as requested however the physical behaviour was the same. That is to say the internal display is just blank. ignore that fact the HDMI OUT didn't have a display, i didn't have it connected during these tests. files attached. i did take a quick look at the IOreg and it looks like its marked as LVDS. so perhaps its some other kind of problem. what does your device string do btw? i normally use DSDT edits. i don't think this is the optimus version, the intel HD4000 is completely disabled and there is no way to enable it. it is not detected at all by the OS either. AREOS_TESTS.zip
  19. rr7

    OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 to dev

    P.h What gfx do you have? Could you post an ioreg?
  20. rr7

    OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 to dev

    looks like on 10.9.2 LVDS support was killed off, can anyone else confirm or debunk this? anyone running 10.9.3 on LVDS?
  21. rr7

    GT650M - black screen since 10.9.2 update

    sure, i've attached both IOREG to the zip here. for testing reasons i had a second screen attached via hdmi, but this didn't change the behaviour at all, the LVDS is normally attached to frame buffer A. from what i can tell LDVS hasn't been used in any real Mac for years and all macs that support mavericks would use eDP. therefore dropping LVDS is a good way to shaft Hackintoshers and perhaps some of them will go and buy real macs. if you look at frame buffer A, you can see the ac-connector type is 02 00 00 00 on 10.9.1 and 00 00 00 00 on 10.9.2, and so the display is simply not detected. nvda_ioreg.zip
  22. i lost my nvidia display on the internal screen when upgrading to 10.9.2 as well. it would appear support for LVDS has been removed? GT650M - black screen since 10.9.2 update
  23. i have a USB 3.0 Hi Speed and USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Bus showing, if i boot up with a device plugged in such as flash drive, it shows up and i can access it, but if i plug it in after boot time, or unplug and re-insert, the device ever shows up again. if i plug it into the other ports, its fine. i've tried the genericUSB driver too, and its the same. USBFix=Yes doesn't solve it. i have an H77 chipset, its an intel USB3 controller. is this a problem across the board or do certain edits need to be made?
  24. Thank you! -gux_no_idle solved it. I had not heard of these two flags before, I will read up on them.
  25. i have a couple of questions. 1) when i load the EDID and generate the kext, install the kext and reboot, nothing changes. i view then extensions in system info and it show the kext as not loaded. i've attached the files generated and the original EDID file i loaded into it. if something is wrong, perhaps you could explain what it is? 2) you mention before to change the value from 1 to 2 to select a display. perhaps i'm being thick but i can't see a value like this anywhere on the 1.9 version. can you please provide a screenshot highlighting where this should be?