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Relax! When people are over excited, they tend to make stupid mistakes. So relax.


Download PartedMagic Live CD (Linux live CD for PC repairs). Bun it to a CD or restore to an USB flash. Boot from it and run Gparted. It should show you what partitions are present on the disk (including file system type, amount of space used, size of partitions etc.). There should be a section called "flags". The "boot" word next to a partition indicates the partition your PC boots from. If this flag is set to OS X partition, then OS X should boot. If "boot" flag is set to Windows partition, then Windows should boot.


Gparted allows you to set "boot" flag to a desired partition. So you can right click on the Windows partition and set the "boot" flag to it (right click>Manage flags>boot). Now if Windows should boot. However you may need to restore Windows bootloader. This is done using Windows DVD/USB instalation media.


If nothing happens and you are sure there is nothing left from you Windows install or don't care to lose any date that is there, then you may wipe the disk clean using the same PartedMagic CD. Run it and open Terminal, then run this command:

shred -vfz -n 0 /dev/sda

This command will write zeros to the disk (secure erase), so there would be nothing left from both installs (including any bootloaders). Make sure you disconnect any other HDD/USB pen drives before running the above command. A side note: /dev/sda is linux name of a HDD, if there are two or more disks present in the system, then other disks would be named sdb, sdc etc. After that do a clean install of Windows.


As to

EBIOS read error: Error 0xbb

            Block 0x73692052 Sextors 0

Error, it may indicate that the disk (DVD for instance) may be corrupt (bad burn) or the image you've restored to an USB drive is corrupt. You may check this by disconnecting the HDD and then booting from an USB/DVD installation media. If the error is still present, most likely there is something wrong with the instalation media.

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Again, use Gparted to check what is on the disk. It might be that partition table is incorrect and Windows partition is not visible. There are tools to restore/rebuild partition map, but be really careful when using such tools, as things can easily go wrong.

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