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10.4.8 Update from demoid and screen is black


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It looks like you and several other people got taken in by this update. If you look at the comments for that torrent you will see no one has had success with it. To any others reading this thread DO NOT USE THIS UPDATE. Wait for a word from one of the reliable sources here at Insanely Mac to make a post about a working 10.4.8. I am sure news would be posted here of a successful patch before you try some random torrent you download.

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I don't want to reinstall my complete System is there any way to fix the system ?

I tried to boot the instal CD and want to over install the system with the JAS DVD patches SSE3 and Combo update but I can't select them.


Is there any way? Or do I need to reinstall complete ?

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I dunno but theres on Pirate Bay a update of the update.... that claims to be fixed by Kiko.... besides that anyone know if this works on AMD?


was uploaded 2006-10-02 13:37:47 GMT named 10.4.8 Kiko Combo Fixed RC2

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Like all the others who have downloaded this package i was dumb enough too to install this update.


After reboot screen is black with mouse pointer.


I spent some hours in single user mode, repaired pemissions...

I could boot to the login screen in safe boot, but the login did not accept my password, so i couldn't get in and install one of the newer updates.


Finally i could boot into safe boot:


This funny update destroyed my netinfo database where all account information is stored.


To restore a bootable version do this:


boot up using -s into single user mode and type


fsck -fy

mount -uw /


mkdir /trash

mv /var/db.AppleInstallDone /trash/ (or so, use tab and don't forget the dot)

mv /var/db/netinfo/local.nidb /trash/



select -x to boot into safe boot, then create a new temporary account (osx is like after a fresh installation)


then backup your old user directory


create a new user with your old name


log in as this new (oldname) user, and then logout, for creating the user diretory


log in as the temporary user, delete the userdirectory of (oldname) user and replace the backuped one with old name.


right click on this user directory and set permissions for the (olduser)-name to gain full read&write privilegees


logout and login as (olduser), your desktop,software and data should be restored then


then be carefull with installing the newer RC2 update, i messed my system the second time up, because after the install of KiKoRC2 the installed told "update failed" and i could start any app, not even pacifist or diskutil, so i rebooted, now the system boots behind the black screen, but not very further, but i on doing that

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