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  1. Hi, I have a crazy problem with my Mac OS X Kaliway 10.5.3. In Systempreferences Mouse and Keyboard. 1. It don't open if I click I need to klick twice. 2. When it open there is nothing just a grey field. Can anyone help me pls
  2. Hi I have: HP Compaq dc7100 Small Form Chipset: Intel 915G-Chipsatz And my USB isn't really working. USB don't detect new devices, it only detecs them if I it is plugged in when the PC Boots. Can anyone help me ? How can I fix this Porblem ? It will be great if anyone can help me please.
  3. Hi I just installed Kalyway 10.5.2 all workes great thx Kaliway! So I installed the server package which I had from a Mac OS X Server 10.5.0 DVD. But if I configured some Services like Web-Server and SMB Primary Domian Controler I had Problems. The Web Service is running and I can surf on the website but in the Server Admin it is not Aviable. And SMB: I could not setup the Primary Domain Contoler function. Is this Errors because I am using 10.5.2 Mac OS X and 10.5.0 Server ? Is this the Problem ? If this ist the Problem Can I update the Server funktion without crashing my system ? Or is there a other Problem ? Can anyone help me here please ?
  4. Keamas

    PCIE Graphiccard

    So Hi I just bought me a GAINWARD BLISS 7200GS PCX 256MB TV DVI PCI Express Card and this one works great Just used the Nvidia patch on the Kaliway DVD
  5. Keamas

    PCIE Graphiccard

    Hi I just bought me at amazon a new Graphiccard the Sapphire Radeon X1650 PRO. But I can't get it working. I saw in the wiki this card workes for some people but not for me . So I thik I will try to give it back and need a new one. Can anyone tell me a card which is cheap and work full with 1650 X 1050 Resolution and Supports QE and CI and so on. Which card should I buy ? Can you please help me ?
  6. Hi Ok I will try XBench thx. Did I understand you right ? Your driver isn't working good too ? Do you have the same effects with Dashboard ? But Final Cut workes great ? Is there any hope to get it working ? Sorry my english isn't very well.
  7. Hi I have the same card like you I think with 256 MB Sapphire 2650 PRO PCIE and 256 MB DDR3 2DVDI Out. And I didn't edit anything with Hexeditor I justed used this file at the first Post: 0x71C7 Download Fix (Credits to blackb for this one)
  8. thx I didn't look at the options Menu
  9. How can I finde my old posts ? Usualy I can go to Search -> Filter by Member Name (optional) "I enter my user name oder the person which I look for". And I get this Message:
  10. Hi this seems to work: Get this kext: MacLovin_ATi__71c7__Installer_OSX86_10.5.zip - Install MacLovin_ATi__71c7__Installer_OSX86_10.5.zip 0x71C7 Download Fix (Credits to blackb for this one) (First Side) 5) Copy & Paste the 3 files (1 file for 0x71C7) included in the Zip into /System/Library/Extensions (Authenticate & Replace). 6) Open Terminal... sudo -s (enter password) chmod -f 755 /System/Library/Extensions chown root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions diskutil repairPermissions / reboot But can't see the Dashboard Bubble Water Effect. It seems to me that is still slow Core image and so on. Is there any way to test it ? I don 't Trust System Profiler But in System Profiler lookes like this:
  11. Hi I just tried it with Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD. After the installation of mac Lovin Patch the resolution workes great but no QE and CI. I read this Guide http://uphuck.ggrn.de/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6814 Here What I did 7. go to /System/Library/Extensions/ 8. copy ATIRadeonX1000.kext to your desktop . do a "show package contents" with the ATIRadeonX1000.kext that you just placed on your desktop 10. open your About this Mac -> More Info -> Hardware -> Graphics/Displays and obtain Device ID of your ATI, my Device ID is 0x71c7 11. inside this package go to /Contents/ and open Info.plist with the Text-Editor, search this: 0x71c01002 . This string should be found under the IOPCIMatch key: CODE: SELECT ALL <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x71871002 0x71c01002 0x72101002 0x71DE1002 0x71461002 0x71421002 0x71091002 0x71C51002 0x72401002 0x72491002 0x72911002</string> 12. replace the 0x71c01002 with 0x71c71002 (Note: you see I replace the first four digits of this hex string with my device ID, if you got any other Device ID under step 10, then use the one you got!) 13. Than I copyed the ATIRadeonX1000.kext back and replaced it but now the Hackintosh didn't start (Kernel Panic) What stap was wrong ? Can you please explain me in a simple way please what I did wrong. This will be great thank you
  12. Hi I want to installl my Sapphire X1650 Pro 256 MB GDD3 PCIE and Kaliway 10.5.1. If I choos the ATI Packege on the Kalyway DVD 10.5.1 afer the Installation the PC Stucks and doen't Continus Booting. Is there any Driver for the Sapphire X1650 Pro 256 MB GDD3 PCIE ? Need help Please !!!
  13. Keamas

    Sapphire 1650 Pro

    Hi I bought me a Sapphire x1650 PRO Videocard and I am using the TOH image. But I can't finde the driver for the Sapphire x1650 there are too many posts. I searched hours for a workin driver. Can anyone tell me where I can finde the driver please ? Or should I use Kalyway ?is there a driver on the ISO ?
  14. Hi I used a Mac OS X Server Hackintosh it worked great. I Used the JAS 10.4.8 Install DVD and the normal Mac OS X Server 10.4.7 Server Packages. All worked great. But now the Server Auto Updated itself and now the Remote Desktop tells me: Mac OS Version 10.4.10 (8R4031). Is there any way to rescue the server or to patch the kernel ? Or do I have to reinstall the server ? Please tell me if there is any way to rescue the server. Will be great I don't want to reconfigure it ;-)