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Gigabyte H87 D3H + GTX 560ti + Intel Xeon: Sound + VGA problem.


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Hi, I success to install Mac OSX on my system. I have 2 problems:

- VGA problem: The system now can show my Graphics is: GTX 560ti. But cannot change resolution.


- No Sound: I tried (manually) install VooDooHDA. But not success, the VooDooHDA say that No VooDooHDA devices detected.



My Mainboard is: Gigabyte H87 D3H. The audio chip is: Realtek® ALC892 codec. http://www.gigabyte.vn/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4491#sp


VGA: Sparkle GTX 560ti.


My CPU is Xeon 1230 v3 (No integrated graphics).



Does any encounted the same problems as my? Any help is very appreciated.

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Updated to DP2, edited the Info.plist. Installed CUDA driver. 

Not works.

When I boot straight (no boot flags), or -v only: the system boot but in the last moment, my monitor turn off!

It only boot with: -v -f.

I can see something like: Couldn't load NVAccelerator.

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_ I updated my ML 10.9 from DP2 to DP3.

_ Tried installing the VooDooHDA.Lion.


Got the kernel panic.

Go to the USB, reinstall Extra folder using myHack.


Boot straight to OSX (no need any boot flag).


Holy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! => System have sound !!!!


_ Shut down function: Work.

_ Restart function: Work.

_ Sleep: when I hit sleep, black screen appear with a mouse icons, Moving the mouse, desktop show again (some kind of screen saver?). But the CPU fan still run. Not sure sleep function works properly or not. 



Now I only need one step to perfection: Make the GTX 560ti to WORK!



Any advice is very appreciated.

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Now I have a great news and a bad news.

I tried an app called FrezzerFix. (on a site, you knows what I mean...). Thx to FusselFuz.

I updated my 10.9 to DP4.

After that I cannot boot, the screen turn off after boot.


Then I have to reinstall my extra folder (this method saves me thousand of times).


Then I boot straight to OSX.


The miracle being: Full resolution ! and Dual Monitor !

That is the good news.


But there's the bad news: 

1. System animation very slow

2. Safari flickering! 

3. Can open chess app, but it's very slow

4. Can not review other screen saver.



How can I enable full hardware acceleration on my GTX 560ti?

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Breaking news:

_ The problem is: My 2nd Monitor connected via VGA cable.

Solution: Turn off that monitor.


Now I can happily announce that: My system is fully hackintoshed ! (Mavericks 10.9 SP6).

+ VGA GTX 560ti: Fully works!

+ Mainboard:

  1. Shutdown; Restart; and Sleep: Fully works.
  2. Audio: Yes.
  3. Network: Yes.

Thx you so much to everyone in the forums and over internet help me with my mackintosh process.


Happy weekend!



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My system fools me every time.

Now: The second monitor (VGA) also works ! (Don't know what I did).

Even when i turn it off, system still works in 2 monitors (When drag windows, they disappears !).


Now, I can say that my mackintosh system is COMPLETE!

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I don't need any boot flags, just choose the OSX disk and it go in !

I think it uses default option: GraphicsEnabler=Yes npci=0x2000 (in the chameleon boot list).


But when I install new kext, sometime it cause kernel panic, then I just have to reinstall Extra folder using MyHack, and everything is fine !

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