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  1. ham4ever

    OpenCore Discussion

    I managed to solve a lot fails by looking at the comments and reading the manual. i have one single fail left that i couldn't find anything about it: OCB: Failed to match a default boot option.
  2. ham4ever

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    updated to beta 9 build 19573a. OpenCore bootloader.
  3. ham4ever

    Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen

    Can you share your config and what Kexts u used to get signal thru hdmi ?
  4. ham4ever

    El Capitan: Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Does this work for Sierra ?
  5. ham4ever

    Apple unveils "macOS Sierra"

    I got this , (ALC892) EDIT : I got sound using AppleALC.kext from page 8 but no Mic Number found where operator expected at ./patch-hda.pl line 147, near "0x11d4198b" (Missing semicolon on previous line?) syntax error at ./patch-hda.pl line 147, near "0x11d4198b" Execution of ./patch-hda.pl aborted due to compilation errors. Copying README file Creating zip file Done.
  6. ham4ever

    Apple unveils "macOS Sierra"

    Up and running , only need sound