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Advice on new video card.? triple Display


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Hello this is my first port and my first hackintosh.


my current system is:


Mobo - GB Z77X -UD3H

RAM - 16gb Ram

Processor Intel® Core i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz

Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 210
OSX 10.8.4
3 monitor setup 2x DP (HD4000 + DP to HDMI adapter) 1x HDMI (GT210) 
i am looking for a video card i can use for games and will be as compatible as possible. i am trying to stay under $200.
i just need to be able to do triple displays and some light gaming. i am looking at the GTX 660 and 670 does anyone know if these support 3 video pipes within their 4 port configs?
Thank you all for your advise!
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Nvidia cards before Kepler could only use two ports at one time on OS X. That narrows it down a bit.


I have a single display (Dell U2312HM via Display Port) but out of the nvidia cards I've had (7600 GT, 9800 GTX+, GTX 460) since I started running OS X on my PCs, the GTX 660 that I have now has been the easiest to work with. Since 10.8.3 it just works right away, you don't need to do anything at all. Well maybe if you need HDMI audio I guess.


This should be proof enough; someone using a GTX 660 in a Mac Pro with 3 displays connected: http://pindelski.org/Photography/2013/07/03/mac-pro-2009-part-vii/


Mine is the stock 2GB model from EVGA. It's still $200 on Amazon.


I read somewhere that the HDMI port doesn't go past 1920x1080, no idea if this is true or not so look into that first if you need to go higher. I suppose you could use the other three ports with adapters though.

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