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So, here begins my second PowerMac conversion, this time armed with prior experience and more help from Minihack!


The plan so far is to epoxy the plate flush with the rear of the PowerMac and then paint/powdercoat it as a whole unit, similar to Mike7060's Mod


Here is the subject - a near mint condition PowerMac G5 that stopped working only a few weeks ago. 

Apologies for the pink carpet, I'll get some better vanity shots once it's home.




And here is the plate that Minihack created next to the PMac




It of course lines up beautifully






It's a shame I can't use the original IO - it looks brilliant, but it seems like too much fuss for 2 USB2 ports to cut and then solder the original IO




Upon opening the door, I think I can see why it's broken ... black heatsink - not good!




Any comments or advice on which epoxy to use (JB Weld, Generic Aluminium Epoxy etc..), or anything at all would be helpful!

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If anyone can shed some light on a 'good' self etching primer and paint to gain a similar effect to the link below I'd be very grateful!


I've got a basic idea of what to do, but before today I hadn't heard of a self etching primer



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I used JB Weld with good success. Didnt snap off under load. I didnt even scratch the metal for a 'good' bond - I did however use some Simple Green to clean it throughly. I dont know how expensive it is there, but it was pretty cheap here and only like a buck more than the generic stuff at Home Depot.

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Well, a bit of an update - I drilled quite a few holes in the panel after filling with epoxy (sadly the 5 minute stuff) and err, the results weren't brilliant 





I'm not sure whether it's the fact that I was leaving so little of the epoxy or that it was the quick set variety, but it isn't promising 


Anyway, I'll try and work something out - if anyone has any input I'd appreciate it!

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