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iBooks Author - Getting it to work without QE/CI (In Progress)

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Hi all,

I am starting a little project that might fail but at least worth a try since a lot of people would be happy running iBooks Author on VM ware.

I know someone got iWorks08 to work without QE/CI by changing the value of the key SRFAcceleratedCanvas in Defaults.plist to false. I am hoping that this might be possible by editing iBooks Authors .plist files. I went through them looking for above mentioned but could not find it.

Does iBooks initiate QE/CI by a different means? Any tip on what to look for or how to disable it?

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I'm sorry to report to you that the level at which OS X applications are using QE/CI is growing more sophisticated each and every release.

Why? Mostly due to the fact that common API elements are being accelerated by QE/CI through the OS since it eases the CPU load etc.


Since an app running on a mac can expect this to be working (especially given the system requirements of OS X and its current releases) I don't think it'll get easier, but rather harder to ever get this working.

Unless VMware Fusion ever gets to the level of virtualizing graphics so well that QE/CI works, it'll never work at an acceptable level in VMware Workstation.


Your best chance will be to try one of the many bootloaders and dedicate a seperate partition to setup OSX on your PC/notebook and get QE/CI running there.

Sorry to disappoint you. :-(

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