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  1. First off let me tell you that your tool (@ Donk) has been extremely helpful in many ways, just as all the forum posts and suggestions everyone here has been nice enough to make. My question is: of all those trying out ESXi, has anyone tried using it with Vmware Horizon? I know MacOS VDI sounds insane, but it would be really nice. Maybe at some point even Nvidia would allow a GRID driver for this. (The last one is more or less a joke, I doubt the current market players would allow for anything like that.) Thanks!
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    ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    I never realized that; I always thought this is only happening to me in my VM... thanks for clearing that up!
  3. Sorry for possibly being presumptuous in my post. Regarding the custom bios: I'm not sure if this applies to EFI boot vm systems as well, but if you edit the VMX file, the parameter would be bios440.filename = "mybios.rom" I guess any further information would be too off-topic and not helpful enough, but I'm sure GIYF.
  4. Please keep in mind that iMessage enabler installs a boot loader and disables the "mac OS X" of booting this patch allows you for your vm; it basically makes your vm a hackintosh with a specially prepared smbios to fake a mac. The better way would be to patch the bios VMware uses to boot the vm and fake being a mac there.
  5. Is it just me or is OS X (10.8.4 with fusion v6 tools on WS 10 host w/w7 x64) a lot faster, both disk I/O as well as graphics display? Still no QE/CI, but it sure feels as fast as if it was there…
  6. Thanks a lot! Works really nice and even allows me to use 10.9. So far, copy+paste works nicely with Fusion v6 tools installed (using Win7), disk io seems at least faster, not sure if the USB3-related issues I had in the past will be resolved now. PS: And woohoo, I can finally boot from an external usb3 device! (That worked with VMware ws v9 on Windows 8, but not on Windows 7. Works with workstation v10 on win7 finally.) Yay! PPS: (a/k/a edit #2) I can't tell you enough about how happy I am about disk i/o so far. Despite the fact that selecting SATA for the external device fails ("error") and I selected SCSI instead for the external USB device, things are looking pretty good (and fast)! Thank you all so very much! Finally working isn't as painful as it used to be...
  7. I'm sorry to report to you that the level at which OS X applications are using QE/CI is growing more sophisticated each and every release. Why? Mostly due to the fact that common API elements are being accelerated by QE/CI through the OS since it eases the CPU load etc. Since an app running on a mac can expect this to be working (especially given the system requirements of OS X and its current releases) I don't think it'll get easier, but rather harder to ever get this working. Unless VMware Fusion ever gets to the level of virtualizing graphics so well that QE/CI works, it'll never work at an acceptable level in VMware Workstation. Your best chance will be to try one of the many bootloaders and dedicate a seperate partition to setup OSX on your PC/notebook and get QE/CI running there. Sorry to disappoint you. :-(
  8. I hope VMware WS 10 will finally allow stable (disk) I/O in OS X... I'm pretty tired of hanging IO almost entirely freezing up the OSX VM. :-( As always: thank you very much for your continued efforts, Donk. And thanks in advance for keeping this updated. :-)
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    Clover General discussion

    Hi! I've installed Clover rev923 and it boots fine, but I was wondering what logfiles I should look for (or enable) to find out why I'm stuck with a grey screen after login? (It didn't crash - I can still move my mouse after login and I hear audio when plugging in a USB device.) Neither boot.log nor system.log were very helpful so far... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated... thanks! PS: I use a x230 with i5-3320 and hd4000 / ivy bridge system.
  10. No, they still only allow it on their own hardware (officially.) Which doesn't mean it is legally enforcable -- at least in Germany they cannot sue someone who bought OS X and runs it on a common PC since their terms (regarding the restriction rules on non-Apple hardware) are invalid under German law.
  11. VMware workstation 9.0.1 and patch 1.1 works just fine for me - I can select Mac OS X 10.8 (64 bit)... when creating a new VM.
  12. Thank you very much for this information, MSoK! Like Nick, I'm using VMware to develop iOS-apps in my virtual machine - so this is a somewhat mission critical application for me. I wanted to wait until this (WS v9 & OS X) is stable and proven working with a current OS X version, which seems to be the case now. I'm especially thrilled to read that it's supposed to perform better. Nice! :-)
  13. Thank you for the insight! So for me that means everything beyond using OS X for compiling iOS binaries and a little XCode programming it'll always stay useless on the userfront-end, realistically... too bad. :-(
  14. I'm suffering from the same issue using VMware workstation 8 and windows 7 x64. I installed iWork on Mac OS X 10.7 (.1? but I think I updated to .3 sometime) and Pages didn't show any document text, only the menu. I suspect this might have something to do with graphics acceleration/Quartz3D etc. Are you by any chance using VMware workstation using its remote mode as well? I tried both (local VM as well as remote "shared" VM) and they didn't work, with 3d_accel turned on in the .vmx as well as with that feature turned off.
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    Introduce yourself.

    Hey, I really like what you've done with the place recently! That questionaire really is a great idea, thanks. Since this is supposed to be about me, there you go: I'm a business informatics student working on OS X (virtualized) to develop iOS apps by using VMware on some of my Thinkpads to code with XCode (with varied success), my base system is Windows 7 x64. Thanks to your tools and guides, almost everything works fine.