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Found 33 results

  1. Hello, Im trying to install macOS Sierra on a Virtual Machine using VMware on my AMD desktop, however there is no current support for such a machine using those prebuilt virtual disks that are all over the Internet. But i looked up and find that Bronya made a kernel patch for AMD processors(Still in beta), does anyone know how can i use this patched kernel on a Virtual machine? Patched Kernels for Sierra: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Patched_Kernels#macOS_10.12_Sierra Thanks!
  2. Hello, i'm new here. I reques some help. I have started an El capitan 10.11.6 in a virtual machine using VMware. Everything is running ok, accept that i can't run Xcode. I install it through appstore, and when i try to run it i have this error: Application Specific Information: dyld: launch, loading dependent libraries Dyld Error Message: Library not loaded: @rpath/DVTFoundation.framework/Versions/A/DVTFoundation Referenced from: /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/MacOS/Xcode Reason: image not found Full error report is in the txt file, attached. Ty for your help. error.txt
  3. This thread is aimed at developers and people who are willing to help with the AMD kernel specifically the FX problems. Here are two diff files from my kernels in an attempt to get FX working as it should. I am no developer so I'm hoping someone can help us. If you've made a kernel different from these sources please share your diff too so it can help us. Note that this topic is not for testing but discussing the source itself. For FX testing visit here, http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/310796-amd-os-x-el-capitan-1011-fx-kernel-task-force/ Shaneee-diff.zip xnu-3248.20.55-legacy-v4.diff.zip To build the kernel you will need xCode installed which is available from the App Store. Once installed perform the following commands to install the dependencies, curl -O https://opensource.apple.com/tarballs/dtrace/dtrace-168.tar.gz curl -O http://opensource.apple.com/tarballs/AvailabilityVersions/AvailabilityVersions-22.40.2.tar.gz tar zxf dtrace-168.tar.gz cd dtrace-168 mkdir -p obj sym dst xcodebuild install -target ctfconvert -target ctfdump -target ctfmerge ARCHS="x86_64" SRCROOT=$PWD OBJROOT=$PWD/obj SYMROOT=$PWD/sym DSTROOT=$PWD/dst sudo ditto $PWD/dst/Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain cd .. tar zxf AvailabilityVersions-22.40.2.tar.gz cd AvailabilityVersions-22.40.2 mkdir -p dst make install SRCROOT=$PWD DSTROOT=$PWD/dst sudo ditto $PWD/dst/usr/local `xcrun -sdk macosx -show-sdk-path`/usr/local Now you can download the kernels source from here, http://opensource.apple.com/tarballs/xnu/xnu-3248.60.10.tar.gz Copy to your desktop or chosen folder and extract then in terminal type "cd " without the quotes and with the space and drag the extracted folder onto window and press enter. Now to apply a diff patch use the following, patch -p1 < /Path/To/Diff/File Replace /Path/To/Diff/File by dragging the diff file onto the terminal window. Then you can edit the source within the xnu-3248.60.10 folder as you wish and to build the kernel enter the following, make SDKROOT=macosx ARCH_CONFIGS=X86_64 KERNEL_CONFIGS=RELEASE install Once complete the Kernel and matching System.Kext are found in xnu-3248.60.10/BUILD/dst/System/Library. You can ignore the Frameworks.
  4. hi guys, so the situation is like this. i have mavericks-zone and Yosemite-zone a niresh distro installed on vmware 12 and xcode 5.1 and 6.1 when i create a blank project in xcode (no matter what version), it builds and everything ok but if i try to compile a cocos2d-x project (c++ game framework) i get Apple LLVM error 254. i tried on both OS X version and on both xcodes, tried deleting the derived data but still the same problem. finally i have compiled this project on a cloud services and it builds perfectly, so the problem defiantly something with the vm or the distro or my hardware. i will try and build a vanilla os x usb and create a vm with it, except that i have no idea what to do.
  5. Hi guys, this is my first post here. Thankfully because of this forum and many other resources online, I was able to build my second hackintosh. I used these parts: Asus x99-Pro/U3.1 i7-5820K 32GB DDR4 Ram GTX Titan Black Yosemite 10.10.5 I use this rig primarily for video stuff, ie. editing,grading, vfx Last night, I downloaded Xcode (so i could change the Clover theme), and the Pro Video Apps update (for FCP7 etc). After that the machine prompted a restart, so I did. It wouldn't boot afterwards. I'll attach a picture of the verbose boot screen when it hangs. I also can't post a config.plist as I brought my rig to my parent's house for Christmas and I don't have any available boot USBs to get inside my OSX install. But if it helps, I can try later on. I hope you guys can help me figure this out, I really need to work on something here over the holidays. pretty stupid of me not to backup first. Let me know if there's more information I can supply. Cheers
  6. Maybe this isn't a topic for the New Users Lounge, but the thing is that I am a new user to this matter and I also CAN'T create a new topic in the developer section. So here it goes. I am trying to build a driver for my USB Wireless Card (TP-Link TL-WN722N) which isn't supported in Mac. I also found it very commented around some other websites, mainly asking for a supporting kext, then I made my mind. The 1srt question should be simple: What kind of project should I build in Xcode? One using IOKit framework (user space) or one using Kernel framework (kernel space)? I have been having troubles to get the basics fully working maybe because I am using the wrong start.
  7. Hi all, I need to access the historical data that the motion coprocessor (M7) has collected for my app and display it. But I'm not sure of how to query the chip in oder to do so. I know that I have to use the CMStepCounter library but don't know how to access it exactly. Anyone know how I would do this or what should I be looking up? Thanks a million!
  8. Hi, I'm using two developer accounts on one app, i changed the provisioning profile and developer account to my other one to build. But it give me there error "valid provisioning profile was not found" i added this said device to the account i want to build it on and added it to the provisioning profile. it still gives me this error, can anyone advise? I did import the correct certificate with the private key.
  9. Hello everyone, As I said in my introduction on this forum, I'm interested mostly interested in iOS development and that's the main reason for building hackintosh. My computer is HP Probook 455 G1 (it has A8-4500 amd processor). Because of that I used Niresh distro to install a hackintosh on my computer. First I tried to make a dualboot, and after that I also tried a VMware but result is the same. I can make my hackintosh to dualboot in both cases, and on VMware even internet, graphic and other things are working fine (I was too lazy to set drivers on doalboot or perhaps in didn't have time because of college and work) even xcode (both versions) is working. I can code, run playground (in version 6.0.1) but when i try to run application in simulator it crashes. Errors are different (but mainly nsmatcherror code=-308, dterror or something like that) and I can't simply work normally. Here is error report (Error is from Xcode 5.1.1 and I would need to make 6.0.1 to work but it looks same on both on first look): To summarize I would need to make iOS simulator working, because I would need to learn swift language for my exam and I would also like to focus on iOS and android development professionally. Thanks in advance!!! Cheers!!! :-)
  10. Anyone else having issues updating their provisioning profiles using OTA? i cant install using our OTA website or sending the profile to my email account on my devices.
  11. Está disponivel a nova versão do Xcode 6.0.1. Você pode baixar do site MacUpdate ou atualizar via AppStore. E também temos a nova versão do Safari (7.1), mas para usar essa nova versão é necessário ter a ultima atualização (10.9.5) instalada, dai aparecerá como update na AppStore.
  12. Is available the new version of Xcode. Download here: http://www.macupdate...mac/13621/xcode Or update via AppStore. And about new version of Safari (7.1) requires the recently released OS X 10.9.5 update to be already installed before it becomes visible as an update.
  13. Dear InsanelyMac forum I have been all across the internet trying to find a solution for my simple coding problem. But everywhere I go I cannot find anything of use and no one will reply to my posts. I am a novice programmer and it would be greatly appreciated if someone could spare a few moments to either give me some sample code to fix my problem or point me to somewhere else that can help me. Heres the situation: I'm adding a simple feature in my ios xcode ios app that has a UISwitch. When the UISwitch is on an event is created (this part works fine). But when I turn the UISwitch off I cannot find a way to remove the event. Can someone please tell me what code I need to remove the event. - (IBAction)switchon:(id)sender { if (switchoutlet.on) { EKEventStore *store = [[EKEventStore alloc] init]; [store requestAccessToEntityType:EKEntityTypeEvent completion:^(BOOL granted, NSError *error) { if (!granted) { return; } EKEvent *event = [EKEvent eventWithEventStore:store]; event.title = @"Event A"; event.startDate = [NSDate dateWithTimeIntervalSince1970:1406948400]; //today event.endDate = [event.startDate dateByAddingTimeInterval:60*60]; //set 1 hour meeting [event setCalendar:[store defaultCalendarForNewEvents]]; NSError *err = nil; [store saveEvent:event span:EKSpanThisEvent commit:YES error:&err]; NSString *savedEventId = event.eventIdentifier; //this is so you can access this event later }]; } if (!switchoutlet.on) { //remove event } }
  14. Hi all, I am starting a little project that might fail but at least worth a try since a lot of people would be happy running iBooks Author on VM ware. I know someone got iWorks08 to work without QE/CI by changing the value of the key SRFAcceleratedCanvas in Defaults.plist to false. I am hoping that this might be possible by editing iBooks Authors .plist files. I went through them looking for above mentioned but could not find it. Does iBooks initiate QE/CI by a different means? Any tip on what to look for or how to disable it?
  15. I know its good when changing form landscape to portrait orientation but is it good for transitioning from iPhone Storyboard to iPad? the iPhone version is going to be only portrait but the iPad version of my app will support landscape orientation and portrait. (the iPad storyboard is just going to be a bigger version of the app [bigger/more images, bigger tableview, it will not have any split views or multiple tableviews] almost exactly the same)
  16. I recently installed 10.8 on this machine, updated it to 10.8.4, fetched Xcode from the App Store using my existing account, then installed the command line tools. I've also since installed Qt Creator and built my own Qt 4.8.4 so I could incorporate a patch for detecting Growl 1.3. The problem happens whenever I try launching something under gdb and setting breakpoints, either using Xcode or Qt Creator. The process is launched, a sudo prompt appears to allow the debugger to attach to the process, then the process resumes. My process has a file open dialog, after which execution would have reached the break point I set. Randomly, it will reach the break point. Other times, the file open dialog will stay open, I'll hear an error sound, the Qt Creator icon will bounce once on the dock, then both the test program and Qt Creator will lock up completely. Their processes don't even respond to force quit or kill -9. The only solution I've found is to furiously stab the reset button on my machine. I had read about some break point issue with debugging under some other kernel from back in 2011, which required setting some kernel parameter to force a standard dyld module of some sort, but I don't know if that even applies today. I am hoping this problem is unique to non-Apple hardware, as not being able to debug software would seriously impair my future plans of buying either a Mac Book Air or one of those shiny new Mac Pro machines. I haven't tested if I can operate break points under Parallels yet, but I do recall hardware break point type problems causing hard lock ups even on my previous desktop under 10.7. It seriously irked me back then, too, but I didn't think to ask anyone about it, as I thought maybe it was just one of the known quirks of running it on non-Apple systems.
  17. Plist Editors

    Can u guys share wich do u use and why? I am using plistedit pro,becouse it can automaticaly sync with text. i try one from xcode but didnt find this kind of function.
  18. Hi guys, I'm just learning how to code and I created a very simple, yet fun game (with help from a tutorial) that I want to add a high score function too. I can post the source code below, not sure how to do it but I'll try! Anyways, I basically want to add a "Highscore: X" in the upper right corner of the screen, and have the ability for the game to store the 5 highest scores, and that players name. I'm not sure how to do it, or if its even possible but if someone with expierence could help me out I'd really appreciate it! (PS The game was created using Xcode 4.6 on a Mac) Thanks! Tap Me.zip
  19. Working Applications [AMD]

    Since the great success of my last topic, I would like to start a new Topic. Working Applications on AMD. I'm starting with Lion: Adobe CS6 Master Collection Working with workarounds: Here Kernel: "mach_kernel_10_7_5_FX_RC7_TEST_FSB" by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Tested by: theconnactic (i368) & Duran Keeley (x86_64) Adobe Lightroom 4 Working. Kernel: "mach_kernel_10_7_5_FX_RC7_TEST_FSB" by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Tested by: Duran Keeley (x86_64) Xcode Working. Kernel: "mach_kernel_10_7_5_FX_RC7_TEST_FSB" by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Tested by: theconnactic Xcode 3.2.6 (i368) & Duran Keeley Xcode 4.6 (x86_64) Google Chrome Working with x86_64 Workarounds. Kernel: 10.7.4 by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Workaround found here (uses terminal) Chrome Launcher found here Google Chrome Launcher.zip (if you don't wanna use terminal) VMWare Fusion 5 Working. Kernel: "mach_kernel_10_7_5_FX_RC7_TEST_FSB" by Bronzovka Boot Modes: x86_64 Workaround: Don't know if this still applies but, name your kernel mach_kernel or have an alias called mach_kernel pointing to your kernel. Tested by: Duran Keeley (x86_64) Firefox 19 Working with x86_64 Workarounds. Kernel: "mach_kernel_10_7_5_FX_RC7_TEST_FSB" by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Workaround: Flash blank screen unless restarted in safe mode (Start Firefox -> Help -> Restart with Add-ons Disabled...) [Credits: srwind - post here] Also suggested by geminidragonrx7, Run Firefox in 32-bit and Flash will run properly - Post here Firefox Launcher found here (starts Firefox in safe mode) Tested by: Duran Keeley (x86_64) Bioshock Working Retail. Kernel: 10.7.4 by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 Tested by: theconnactic (i368) Microsoft Office 2011 Working Retail. Kernel: 10.7.4 by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Tested by: Duran Keeley (x86_64) & (i386) iLife '11 & iWork '09 Working Retail. Kernel: "mach_kernel_10_7_5_FX_RC7_TEST_FSB" by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Tested by: Other's have tested before as well, please send me a PM and a link to your post so I can add your credits. Duran Keeley (x86_64) Maya 2013 Working Kernel: "mach_kernel_10_7_5_FX_RC7_TEST_FSB" by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Tested by: xmaniak100.
  20. XCode 4.6

    La casa di Cupertino a rilasciato una Nuova Versione di XCode Programma dedicato a tutti i Developer che sviluppano su piattaforma iOS Con l'aggiornamento,il software arriva alla versione 4.6 E' possibile scaricare l'aggiornamento al Mac App Store Se siete sviluppatori iscritti al Developer Program : https://developer.apple.com/devcenter/ios/index.action Fabio
  21. I installed Mac OSX 10.7.3 and upgraded to Mac OS X 10.7.4 after following this guide. I installed it in a virtual machine using Virtualbox. When I try to install XCode a error message comes up saying the program is not supported on this type of mac. I open the package contents and open the xcode program itself which launches a terminal prompt which comes back with an error message of 'bad cpu type' Edit: I running AMD phenom II x6 1035T processor and booting with i386 architecture. I think the new xcode program only supports Intel. Is there a way to change the cpu type in mac?
  22. In my app I'm planning to combine my "popular" and "new" viewcontrollers into one, and have the "new" items have badges saying "new" what should this view controller be called? i was thinking something like "Hot Items, or What's Hot" with a tab bar icon of a fire or something. any suggestions?
  23. Leopard on Inspiron 518

    Hi I have looked into this a lot and have now wanted to actually try it. So I have a Dell Inspiron 518 with a Intel core 2 quad CPU at 2.4ghz (SSE 1, 2, 3) And a (upgraded) gfx: ATI Radeon HD 4250, 3gigs ram, and a 500gb drive. I have dual booted Windows 8 and have taken this baby apart many times. I can run most modern games at a reasonable resolution with almost no lag. So I have wanted to program with XCode I am an experienced Java, C++, C#, and flash programmer and have wanted to make iPhone apps recently. I would like to know if you guys could give me a guide and drivers I can test out and an iso because I have tried iATKOS and have posted to their forum but they are inactive. So if you could give me a guide, drivers, an iso (ideneb etc.) in Leopard (at least, higher is ok) yeeaaahhhh, that would be greaaat. Thanks. Also some tips.
  24. how many old versions should my app be compatible with? so far im thinking just iOS5, and iOS6, since I've read that close to 90% of all iOS users update their devices. and when iOS7 comes out, for future apps and versions should i let the app be backwards compatible with iOS5? given that the original iPad and iPhone 3G is going to be stuck with iOS5. does people know how the percentage of people using older devices? how long will i have to be able to support these older devices and OS?
  25. I tried to test Xcode by compiling the IOGraphics source from opensource.apple.com, but it isn't working out? I have installed dtrace, kext-tools, bootstrap and cxxfilt, I didn't mod the source, and it always says "Build succeeded". Yet the compiled Kexts are not to be found on the HDD! I found the output directory inside the Xcode.app, but the Build folder was empty? Could someone explain what I missed?