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How can I install Mac on my lap?

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        Hello dear insanelymac forum members .


Nowadays I am so confused about installing Mac OS X M.L. 10.8.x (with UEFI support) .


However , nobody helps me ; even the people in tonyosx86 forum :(  .Maybe I couldn't find the right guide. 


I have a UEFI supported laptop with HM55 chipset . I have heard about iAtkos ML3U but I am not sure what should I do .My laptop has a core i5 processor with Intel HD integrated graphics . And here comes my disaster ; it has an nvidia GPU too . (with cuda )


I would be very grateful if you can give me some guide links etc. ...


Thanks for reading :)


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Nvidia graphics using Optimus switching right? You will have to disable the card in the BIOS from 'Switchable' to 'Integrated'. 

If you have UEFI, then look into using Clover.


EDIT: I would stay away from distributions as they include a lot of unwanted/unneeded junk.

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