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How To : Fix Flash/YouTube Issues When Running Without QE/CI

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Built a hackintosh and now you're stumped because Youtube and other Flash media just won't load properly no matter what you try?

I had the same problem and Googling leaves a bunch of unanswered questions.


Here's what I did:


Step 1) Install the most compatible video kext for your build (Even if QE/CI don't work)

Step 2) Install most updated version of Adobe Flash

Step 3) Install Google Chrome (most updated version)

Step 4) Open Google Chrome settings

Step 5) At the bottom, click Advanced Settings and uncheck the option for hardware acceleration

Step 6) Restart Chrome and open a Flash video, right click it and hit Settings

Step 7) Uncheck Flash's option for hardware acceleration

Step 8) Restart Chrome again and you should have full Flash support


Enjoy! :)

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