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My Guide to Getting Better Sound/Video Playback in vmWare

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Distorted, crackling video and audio playback in vmWare?

I did too...


Here's how I fixed it...




Step 1) Update the host audio driver to most stable/updated version.


Step 2) Shut down your VM, edit your VMX configuration file to add these entries:


sound.virtualDev = "es1371"

pciSound.playBuffer = "80"

sound.maxLength = "2048"

sound.smallBlockSize = "1024"

sound.highPriority = "TRUE"

sound.bufferTime = "100"


Step 3) Start up your VM, disable hardware acceleration in Adobe Flash plugin.

(Right click any Flash video and uncheck hardware acceleration)


Step 4) Test your new settings with a fresh YouTube video or MP3 file.




For even better quality playback adjust the value of "pciSound.playBuffer" to different values between 60 and 100 until you get the results you want. 


If for any reason this crashed your sound driver in OS X... try removing the "sound.virtualDev" line from the config.


Questions? I will help answer.

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