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  1. Hello, I'm running a multi-head workstation built on top of ESXi 5.5 (can't upgrade for various reasons) with Unlocker 2.0.8. In particular: I'm running a Windows 10 pro VM and an OSX 10.11 (El capitan) VM. Those two VM uses PCI passthrough, so that each one has a dedicated PCI GPU and a dedicated USB PCI bus (close-to-native graphics performance, native USB devices, etc.). I've checked everything in my setup and I can't make nested virtualization work, but it worked previously on ESXi 5.0 with Unlocker 1.3.1. Is there any one here who succeeded with nested virtualization on top of ESXi 5.5 with PCI passthrough? Any help appreciated…
  2. What VMware product are you writing about? ESXi?
  3. Hi kwiksilver, I'm glad to read OS X can run on top of ESXi with lots of features like GPU, sound, USB passthrough. I've done some testing on top of my Mac Pro (hence fully supported, no hack). But on Apple hardware I was not able to passthrough USB and sound. Some reading about my project at http://www.patpro.net/blog/index.php/tag/virtualisation/ from bottom to top of the page. My main purpose is to build a multi-OS workstation, with full hardware power (a GPU and USB passthrough for each VM is a nice start, but sound would be great too). It would need at least one discrete GPU for each VM, of course. So my question about your setup is the following: do you run other VMs on your ESXi, with passthrough? I'm especially curious about USB and sound. Also, are you using this setup on a daily basis, or is it just for fun/challenge?