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Install Hazard's 10.6.1-2 from USB

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I have been searching around everywhere and I found one person on the forum who has done it.  I'm looking to install SL on my main machine which has no DVD drive.  So I need to create a bootable USB drive with hazard's ISO on this drive.  anyone have any ideas or could walk me through it?


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Transmac, MacDrive if you have Windows only machine. Or install OS X to virtual machine and use it to make USB installer.

I too am having problems converting ISO & DMG files (not just those from Hazard, but many other distros as well) onto USB drives that will then boot from POST on a PC. 


I can confirm that TransMac does not work. Neither does Magic ISO, ImgBurn or Unetbootin. Sure, sometimes the files all seem to be there but the computer does not see it as bootable.


Please, all you people who are Hackintoshing, from Leopard up to Mavericks, just tell us the secret of how to make a bootable USB thumb drive without using or having access to a Mac or an already running Hackintosh or a virtual machine Mac. I for one cannot believe that you are all burning DVDs.


OK, I have had success with a Leopard installation using VMWare 9.0 for Windows, but I still don't understand within Mac OS X how to use Disk Utility to burn a USB drive from ISO or DMG. Is the process the same for both disk image formats. I just need clear step-by-step instructions what to do.

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I'm glad to see more people stepping up.  I have just been so frustrated with what seems like the easy part of this whole operation.  I mean, I was able to do it in a VM, I should be able to do it to a real machine and I have SEEN *VIDEOS* of this os running like a champ on my motherboard.




I'm about to just go buy a DVD drive.  they're only like 20 bucks.  but still.... USB installs are so much faster.  You can install windows off a thumb drive to an SSD in under 7 minutes.  With a DVD it takes like 30...


... The point being is if you're troubleshooting problems and you have to re-install something.... taking 30 per install is absolute none sense when you can be hitting it on the 7 minute mark instead.


I'm just angry.  almost to the point of giving up at what seems like the EASIEST thing... building an install disk.


I'll keep you guys posted on what works and what I did and I'll probably end up posting a guide.

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I think that's for an Intel but I might be able to convert the same process.  Thanks a lot.  I really appreciate the help and I can tell this thread will be useful for future hackintoshers.... so i hope.


artur.... your a good mod.

I choose 10.6.1-2 because Hazard's ISO works on AMDs.


I really regret not getting an intel.

I'm using transmac to create the HFS image that I need and then I'm going to backup that partition with the Bootdisk utility you set me up with and then try and do a multi-partition setup.


The first will be the boot partition,


The second will be the Hazard partiton.

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YES.... thanks.... and I think i sorted my USB issue.


the Bootdisk Utility works some magic.  It will back up an IMAGE of your partition.  With that said you do this in theory and I'll be putting it to test soon.


1) use transmac and restore Hazard's ISO onto an ***8 gb*** drive.


2) use Bootdisk Utility to backup that 8 gb partition.


3) plug in a ****16 gb **** disk


3) use a multipartition setup under Bootdisk Utility.  64 MB is fine.


4) format the 16 GB drive.


5) now... select your second partition and restore the partition using Bootdisk Utility.



Basically you have to use 2 different size disks.  when you re-partition you lose 64 mb and you are no long able to restore that partition because the backup you created is 64mb too big :-(.


I'm doing it now and will post if I had success.

I never thought to just change out the kernel.... mainly because I didn't know how.

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