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Disabling the built-in display on VMWare / ESXi

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I have a strange problem here to solve.


Following by post,


ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker  


Graphics Acceleration in ESXi 5.1 and OS X Mountain Lion VM  



I am able to get OSX 10.8.3(.4) working on ESXi 5.1 server, it works great on a Dual L5520 Xeon setup with 24GB RAM and a ATI HD6570 passthru.


The problem I have about OSX inside VM is on vmware / ESXi, the default option (cannot be remove) svga hardware exist, resulting in a "virtual dual monitor" in OSX.


This unwanted display slows down video performance with in OSX a lot.


I try removing kext from VMWare on the vm-video device, no luck, and in OSX there seems to be no way I can "disable" the display, tried the bootflag hack also with no luck.


Is there anyway either in OSX or ESXi-wise a user can "Disable" the default build in Video emulation?


Thanks a million.

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Basically, the solution I found was to use SwitchResX, and use their "Display Sets" function so I could setup two different setups for my Monitors. One would be my main monitor, and a certain quick key to enable. The other would be the backup solution, which contains only the VMware Console.

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