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Found 9 results

  1. Having a black screen while playing video , even after installing the Perian codec, any suggestions? I'm running MacOS Sierra VMware image on Intel i7 4th Gen
  2. My screen is flickering, but the graphics is working with acceleration. Please help me fix flickering for yosemite. Tried with all values of IntelCapriFB. I have no success! Please help me
  3. I have a strange problem here to solve. Following by post, ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/267296-esxi-5-mac-os-x-unlocker/ Graphics Acceleration in ESXi 5.1 and OS X Mountain Lion VM http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285733-graphics-acceleration-in-esxi-51-and-os-x-mountain-lion-vm/ I am able to get OSX 10.8.3(.4) working on ESXi 5.1 server, it works great on a Dual L5520 Xeon setup with 24GB RAM and a ATI HD6570 passthru. The problem I have about OSX inside VM is on vmware / ESXi, the default option (cannot be remove) svga hardware exist, resulting in a "virtual dual monitor" in OSX. This unwanted display slows down video performance with in OSX a lot. I try removing kext from VMWare on the vm-video device, no luck, and in OSX there seems to be no way I can "disable" the display, tried the bootflag hack also with no luck. Is there anyway either in OSX or ESXi-wise a user can "Disable" the default build in Video emulation? Thanks a million.
  4. Check-IN

    Errore PCI System Profiler

    Buongiorno a tutti, ho un problema che mi assilla da tempo ma che non sono ancora riuscito a risolvere. Premetto che ho il hardware/software in firma. Il problema è che in System Profiler mi da un errore quando tento di visualizzare le schede PCI connesse al computer. Ho avuto questo problema da sempre, anche quando montavo Snow Leopard e anche con Yosemite il risultato non cambia. Ho pensato che fosse per il DSDT mancante, ho provato più volte a generarne uno personalizzato senza ottenere risultati apprezzabili, inoltre essendo la mia scheda madre per server e montando due Xeon, il DSDT è piuttosto differente rispetto a quelli che si trovano sul forum e non sono mai riuscito a mettere in pratica i consigli e le guide. Il fatto è che il mio Hack va alla grande, ma mi è venuto un dubbio. Quando montavo la Nvidia 8800GT non avevo l'errore delle PCI e tutto veniva riconosciuto anche da System Profiler. Purtroppo da quando ho messo Clover sono stato costretto ad aggiornare a quella attuale. LE DOMANDE CHE VOGLIO PORRE SONO QUINDI LE SEGUENTI: 1. è possibile che essendo la scheda video una PCIe3.0 ed invece lo SLOT che la ospita un 2.0 possa causare un errore? 2. c'è qualcuno che in alternativa può darmi una mano per la compilazione del DSDT?
  5. Mr tek

    Video issues

    Not to ask stupid newbie questions. I have been working for months, following every link I could discover, and I finally have a functioning hack. With one issue I just can't overcome. After much fighting with video, I finally bought an evga 1b gt 210. Works out of box in snow, full acceleration, but It will not recognize the attached monitor, no matyter what I do. I got one install where I had both acceleration, and acceleration, but it was unstable and I hae been unable to reproduce that feat. I have found links to evga drivers and a zip file of evga efi strings, but the links are all dead. Get a flie no longer posted message in french. (if I can make sense that is what it seems to say.) I have a Dell 9200 (matches the xps 410. Evga 1gb GT 210 Intel Core 2 duo p965 and ich8 chipset. Hazard 10.6.0 upgraded to 10.7.6 using the Iakos 10.6.7 upgrade. After more than a year the first time I gave up searching and am asking for help. Patched SMBios to fake a Mac Pro 4 including the SM system version. Only other hacks are the Elliot rtc kext, and the IOATA family Kext, and the voodoo kext for the on board audio. System seems rock stable finally, now I just want better than 1024 x 768. Graphics Enabler Yes, No, no help Snow NV enabler no help EVoenabler no help.
  6. Hey guys, I read online that the Sapphire 5450 was fully compatible with snow leopard for hackintoshs. I just recently finished my dc5750 hackintosh and tried everything i knew possible to get it to work. Nothing has worked yet. It is an amd ystem with 2gb of ram, the onboard video kinda sucks thats why i need this card to work. It gives me 1024x768 support with no qe/ci support. It says it only has 256mb of vram but its a 1bg card. PLEASE HELP!! I NEED THIS TO WORK SO BADLY!!
  7. I've searched for viable information, benchmark tests for GPU utilization for mac. More Specifically in the video conversion department. So without comprising quality, the CPU is currently the only way of increasing video handling performance. With the addition of CUDA and other direct GPU accelerators, I would like to know what other members are using with good performance. For testing with a GForce 9400 (supposedly a CUDA enabled, but mixed information on that, maybe only the 9400M) CUDA driver installed, but no performance feedback on the CUDAZ app.. Why does apple seem to hold back in the graphics dept on everything except a $3000.00 Mac Pro...? Are we really still sharing memory with the system??? I think that my first IBM Think Pad had that?? lol Thanks Folks!!!
  8. AlenaHensley

    FlipBeats Video Challenge

    Hi Everyone, FlipBeats Celebrates 50 000 + Downloads. Are you ready to Celebrate with us? Get Ready for the FlipBeats Video Challenge. Winners will be and winning video will be featured on FlipBeats webpage + Social media and shared among the fast growing FlipBeats Community. This is what you have to do: 1.Create an attractive promotional video for FlipBeats (Make it better than our 1st promo video) 2.Upload it to your YouTube Channel and share it on your social media using #FlipBeats 3.Send us your video link to android-feedback@hSenidOutsourcing.com on or before 10th June 2014. FlipBeats Webpage: http://AppSpace.hSenidOutsourcing.com/FlipBeats GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hsenid.flipbeats Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/flipbeats.hsenid FlipBeats Promo Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjKGxq2MTSw