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Installing osx86 on the acer 5220


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The Acer 5220 is a well known entry level laptop that works quite well with the osx86 releases. As i spend quite some time figuring out what to do and how to get it running, i decided to make this topic where everything is in one place.


I am using kalyway 10.5.1 as the basis, for this release you will need to have access to an external monitor. Connect this monitor with a vga cable to your laptop. The mentioned kalyway software can be found on some pirates bay.


Reboots are not mentioned as most installs will ask you to do so.


- Connect the external monitor to your laptop

- Insert the kalyway 10.5.1 disk and boot up from the dvd writer

- Wait for kalyway to load, this takes a few minutes

- Select your language

- when the disk finished loading, select the diskutil from the top menu

- Create a 1 partition efi, also select efi as in the options section from the diskutil

- Select customize from the kalyway menu and select efi + vanilla kernel

- Start the install, and skip the dvd check as that takes a long time and is not needed

- Install will take about 10-15 minutes


- After the install continue with installing the kalyway 10.5.2 comboupdate

- Select the vanilla kernel and update leo to 10.5.2

- Install the kalyway kernel update 10.5.2

- now connect to the internet with wlan (wired lan does not work) and download the apple graphics update. Here is the LINK.


- Download the acer5220.zip from HERE

- Install the audio that is included in that zip, or alternativly install the osx86 azalia audio which also works

- Install the acpi...kext which is in the acer5220.zip with kext helper

- download the powermanagement.bundle HERE

- just copy the .bundle file to the system/systemconfig location. For me i had to first delete the exsisting one and then copy the new one. OSX did not let me replace the file.

- Install all apple updates


you are done !


A big thanks to all the people who created the possibility to run osx on a non-apple.


Any comments - corrections welcome.

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Guest Guest: bishopdante_*

Hey listen, from what I can find online that's very very expensive for a thoroughly poor celeron laptop. I'm sure that you can get a second hand core duo macbook for cheaper! I mean come on. With the OSX complaints, the UI features that you're complaining about have been on the mac since 1984. You can't cut and paste files, you copy them, then move them to the trash. CMD-C CMD-DEL

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This is not a " poor celeron laptop ", i think you are confused with the word " celeron ", the new m530-540 is basicly a single core verion of the famous core2duo line of cpu's. It's fast and cheap. If you can find a laptop with the same spec, x3100, 15.4 inch widescreen and so on for less than 379 euro, write down where and what instead of making silly comments.And 379 euro for a recent 2nd hand 15.4 inch apple laptop, not happening. If you are not from the EU, keep in mind that prices are high here and the sales tax is 19% (included in the price).

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Guest Guest: Zedd_*

Hey germike,I was just wondering as to why the external monitor? I've tweaked my 5220 a little bit (T9300 will do that) and I'm having issues getting to the installer phase. Is AHCI fine or do I need IDE?Zedd

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Hey Germike, thanks for the add, I was wondering how to make run os x leopard on my acer extensa, and as you say I think is a good laptop for the price you can get it, is it possible to do the installation without an external display, I don't know if I can find one and the cable as well, ok, thank you anyway your information has been very useful!!!!

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