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  1. Currently i have a dual boot setup that i select from the bios boot disk. I have 3 harddrives in my system 2 for vista 1 for osx86. When selecting from the bios start, everything works fine. Now i want to be able to select from the normal windows boot manager selection screen, i tried easybcd and i tried manually selecting the chain0 file that i got from my leopard disk with bcdedit. Whatever i do i always end up with the "Chain booting error". My disks look like this under vista: you can see disk1 which has leopard on it. This is with a kalyway efi setup. Can anyone help me to get my system to dual boot without using the bios ? Thanks !
  2. Read the new articles on my blog, most recent : Media center hardware selection. Later in the week the software selection and setup will also be published. The link : Techman2000.blogspot.com
  3. Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R review

    Read the review of the Gigabyte ga-ep35-ds3r 775 motherboard and leopard At my blog : techman2000.blogspot.com Thanks for reading !
  4. Installing osx86 on the acer 5220

    This is not a " poor celeron laptop ", i think you are confused with the word " celeron ", the new m530-540 is basicly a single core verion of the famous core2duo line of cpu's. It's fast and cheap. If you can find a laptop with the same spec, x3100, 15.4 inch widescreen and so on for less than 379 euro, write down where and what instead of making silly comments.And 379 euro for a recent 2nd hand 15.4 inch apple laptop, not happening. If you are not from the EU, keep in mind that prices are high here and the sales tax is 19% (included in the price).
  5. Read the desktop install guide + a good hardware selection for osx86. At my blog : techman2000.blogspot.com If later on you cannot find it due to new entries, just type "desktop" in the blog search bar at the top. Thanks for reading !
  6. Expose for vista and iTunes cover art, read the entries at : Techman2000.blogspot.com
  7. Today my new blog opened, it has some of the articles that are in this blog in a better format and continues from there with hardware / software news and reviews. Comming in the following days are articles about the osx86 experience and more. The osx86 laptop install guide for the acer is also on there ! To go directly to the install guide, type "guide" in the search box on the top left of the screen. The blog is here : http://techman2000.blogspot.com/
  8. iTunes does not play tunes

    After moving my collection of 2708 songs from my windows disc into iTunes, i noticed that only 2085 songs actually made it. The other 623 songs where missing in action. After finding some of the missing songs i tried : - Double click, itunes opens and nothing no sound no song no nothing - Drop it in itunes library, it just dissapears no message no nothing - Open it with preview, it's not playing So i rebooted into windows and played a few of the MIA songs. Of course no problem at all wmp11 played each and every one of them. Back to leapard and checked with a fresh xpsp2 install under vmware fusion, and i found the first hint : WMP11 came with the message that the file format did not match the extension, if i still wanted to play it. I selected "yes" and "don't ask me this again". After that all of the MIA songs played. I don't know what actual format those songs are, all of them are .mp3 extensions and look normal with file properties. Anyway i never had any problems playing them as wmp11 and winamp just play them. If iTunes does not want to play them, the least i expect is an information message as to why the file is not played. The current behaviour of iTunes is not acceptable at all. What was apple thinking ? "hey guys, lets make all the files that do not adhare 100% to our layout, just dissapear wouldn't that be fun ?". Or are they just daft and forgot to make an error message ? Anyway, another reason to wonder why we bother to install this mess of an O.S. on our pc's. "it just does not work".
  9. Acer Extensa 5220 - LOW price´n NICE

    Hello Bozon, That is strange mine does not have the same error. When i shutdown the laptop goes completly off without me having to do anything extra. No difference when on battery power. Maybe it is the bios version ? mine is the new 1.21 with the ide/ahci option. Check if you have that, if so we have the same version. At the moment i am back to vista on the acer, because i had real trouble with the small font redering on osx. I find it extremely hard to read. On vista everything is crystal clear. Vista however has other problems, mostly that it is quite slow on the acer compared to leopard.
  10. Back to vista it is !

    Well it was fun, but osx hurts my eyes and vista does not. Vista was back in 10 minutes with system restore, and so was my eyesight. Bye bye osx, it was fun while it lasted, but you are hard to read and not very comfortable to use. Sighn.. vista slow boot, continues hard disk access and low battery life. Now what to keep on this laptop ? Maybe wait for the new hardy heron ubuntu in april ? Will it function or do you have to "sudo -apt -get bcm43xx_fwcutter" and more of that crytic cli stuff ? - Vista slow (well on a celeron laptop it is, on my desktop it goes like hell - Leopard, fast and good on the cheapo laptop if only one could read the small fonts - ubuntu 7.10 gnome grub -fla blup sudo /etc/type/silly/stuff togetit running.sh Maybe drop all this modern living and go back to the basics : eat/drink/sleep/and that other thing one tends to do with a member of the opposite sex.
  11. Leopard dissapointing

    After getting Leopard to work on both my desktop and laptop, i have to say that i am quite dissapointed in the OS. My major gripes with apple's system : - Problem number 1 is the horrible way in which OSX renders fonts. Small letters are very blurred and difficult to read compared to vista's way of rendering fonts. After half an hour of Leopard i have a headache, and the feeling that i need glasses. XP is already better even without cleartype, never mind vista which is head and shoulders above osx in this. For me it makes osx close to useless, when you have a hard time reading what is left of a pc ? - Enter for rename ?? Give me a break what a silly idea - The windows buttons are on the top left, come on 90% of the population is right handed. Put them on the top right. - Windows resize only on the bottom right this is very irritating as you have to : move window / resize. Vista/xp can resize the window everywhere. - No cut and paste for files, miss this a lot - Iphoto, itunes, safari, mail, Finder are all very dissapointing. Picasa, wmp11, ie7 outlook, explorer are much much better. - The dock takes so much screen estate especially on a laptop, furthermore the thing is annoying with the bounching,reflecting,zooming stuff. - The ever present menu bar at the top of the screen is not ergonomic. If i have a small program window somewhere on the screen, i want its menu there (like windows) not half a meter away at the top of the screen. - No smooth scrolling, xp/vista/linux have it so why is OSX so jerky when scrolling in safari for example. - "no installing" is always a remark from mac users, well sorry to say about half the applications that i installed have an installer routine and some even want a restart. Not much different from windows, apart from the fact that there is no uninstaller and you have to look for left overs yourself. - All usenet programs for the mac are horrible nzb downloaders. There is nothing like usenet explorer which is a full fledged usenet program with build in search. - Not consistent : some programs quit others just close when you click the x. - Irritating : "come join our 99 dollar a year crappy web service" advertisement everywhere, and no-one complains ? What if microsoft did the same, people would screen their head off. - it's not that stable, by that i mean the applications not the os. Same situation as windows. Alright now the good stuff : - It starts up fast - No disc grinding like vista - Expose is nice - iwork is quite good especially for the price - Instant preview with / coverflow is quick and fun - Much less adware/malware/virus stuff to worry about - Parallels works very good with xp even on a low end laptop And the best : It's gone in 20 minutes and replaced by vista Without joking, i will keep it on my laptop for a little while longer, but i dont know if i can live with the horrible font rendering.
  12. What drives me mad under leopard is that the Enter key in the finder is used to rename a selected object, instead of opening it. When you are used to windows this is one of the annoyances with working with leopard. Luckily someone made a little program which corrects this the aptly named : Returnopen (click to go to the website). The enter key of the numpad will still rename the file. This program is a bit difficult to uninstall so be carefull if your laptop does not have a numeric keypad and you want to have a keyboard option to rename files.
  13. Don't know about the UK but many many people here in Germany build their own pc's as that's a lot cheaper than getting prebuild one. I do it myself too of course. Here is the list of the functional equivalent of an base model imac. It's not to be pendentic, it's just to show how cheap pc parts are nowadays : I am aware that the end results looks much less appealing than a shiny new imac, however there are advantages too. Something wrong, change the component. Want more add more and so on. pLus most components have a way longer warranty than apple's. - 20inch tn screen : 171 euro - keyboard + mouse : 20 euro - 1gb ddr2-667 : 18 euro - 250gb sata harddisk : 47 euro - dvd writer : 28 euro - ati hd2400xt : 35 euro - webcam, bluetooth, wireless receiver : 50 euro total - 2 crappy speakers : 19 euro - core2duo 2ghz boxed : 105 - p35-775 motherboard 65 euro - miditower 350watt : 34 euro there is your functional equivalent of the base model imac for 592 euro's, or half price. If you want to have peace of mind add 129 euro for a legal copy of leopard. All prices are inclusive 19% german sales tax. Again i do not aim to offend, just to show how much more you pay just for the nice case.
  14. I have a small problem with my acer5220, when i have a mouse connected i want the trackpad to be ignored. I have set that in the keyboard/mouse in systempreferences. However the setting to ignore the trackpad when a mouse is connected does not function. Anyone a solution for this or maybe an alternative method to switch off the trackpad on demand ?
  15. 1) Apple = 100% pc parts nowadays If paying over the top for a bunch of OEM products in a shiny case is your thing, go right ahead. 2) the 1500 euro = 25000 dollars sentence is known as a "joke". Joke = trying to be funny by exaggeration and/or nonsense. Try a few it's fun